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WWE’s Genie suffered ‘worst concussion ever’ before ‘bittersweet’ retirement

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former WWE Superstar Ginny has reflected on her decision to retire at age 35 after suffering the “worst concussion” that hit her head multiple times.

She was allowed to wrestle again after her injury, but although the process took “over a year,” she made up her mind. One step away from life as an active wrestler for her long term health.

she told EXCLUSIVELY:’I had to be smart, I had to think [the] long term. Unfortunately, I suffered some big blows to the head in my last game. It was the worst concussion I have ever had.

“I was kind of having to think long term – healing, health care. I was like, ‘I have to make the right decision.’ It wasn’t easy. I love wrestling, watched it for years and always wanted to be part of WWE.

“And even though we didn’t get to our final destination, we still had a lot to accomplish.”

While that goal was to join WWE’s main roster, a bright light on RAW and SmackDown, Genie has managed to make it to the international scene, from the booming independent scene across Europe to wrestling for SHIMMER in the United States. I was able to succeed on the big stage.

Former WWE Superstar Ginny

“It’s hard to say goodbye to a dream I loved so much, but looking back, I’m very, very grateful and very, very happy for everything I’ve achieved,” she smiled.

The fashionista admitted that she had her own “short-term and long-term goals” while in WWE. Worked on the NXT UK brandwhich only debuted in 2015 and climbed the ranks relatively quickly.

“Generally, I always wanted to be on the main roster,” she explained. They were very supportive and very understanding.

“They made sure I had everything I needed for the treatment. “Take care of your health,” he said.

“That’s when my priorities changed, because my health will always be more important.”

It’s just the beginning for Ginny, who announced her retirement in January, but we can look back on how she’s grown as a performer working for PROGRESS, Rev Pro, OTT, wXw, and more.

“I didn’t drop everything to the tee, but the fact that they gave me that platform was incredible. I needed to tap into it,” she explained. Did.

“But the difference was I had to do what a lot of people can do in front of 30 people in that kind of time to have all that exposure. I was in front of you.

Genie has built a great reputation in her relatively short career (Photo: WWE)

“So I grew up and evolved in front of more people and my mistakes were shown. I needed to make history, but I also appreciate the people who believed in me and gave me a chance.

Ginny has built a huge reputation around the world, and her retirement was met with an “overwhelming”, albeit “very positive” response despite spending a career as a villain. It meant that

“I want to hear the boos, but I don’t want to hear the cheers,” she laughed. “So seeing all this support and all this love when someone playing a villain role retires, it’s always been really nice and very humbling.”

Now, some time after announcing her retirement, Ginny admitted that it felt “bittersweet” to cut her career so short.

“Since I left, I’ve sunk in a bit more. I haven’t really wrestled in that long, so it’s still bittersweet.” But it was a lot of fun.

She smiled again: “I love wrestling. I will always love wrestling…I had a great time.”

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