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Woman surprises husband with sexy lingerie – but his reaction is brutal

A woman worried social media users after sharing her husband’s wild reaction to seeing her in sexy lingerie.

looking for their spice relationshipTikTok user Natalia Reynolds (@natalia reynolds) decided to surprise her partner by jumping into a stunning lingerie set.


Natalia felt herself – and thought her husband would tooCredit: TikTok/@nataliareynoldss
However, his reaction was a little different, and social media users were outraged.


However, his reaction was a little different, and social media users were outraged.Credit: TikTok/@nataliareynoldss

Before heading downstairs where her ‘workaholic’ husband sat, Natalia believed she was from Americagrabbed the phone and posed in front of the mirror.

Combining bouncy blowouts with glamor make upthe stunner looked amazing when she made a doll out of a satin bra and beige tiny thongs.

To add spice, she wore suspender belts and gold chains, as well as black high heels.

“I’m trying to get an afternoon of fun from my workaholic husband,” laughed Natalia trending clip.

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Satisfied with what she saw in her reflection, the unconscious man made his way to the first floor, where the man was glued to his screen.

After Natalia managed to get her attention, the man looked at her and seemed a little perplexed.

But instead of giving compliments and skipping work, he said:

To make matters worse, he pointed at one of the clothes she was wearing and started laughing.

Desperate to manage the awkward situation, Natalia quickly removes her bra and says, “How are you now?

“Are you still tired?”

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However, despite the effort, the man’s reaction and energy level remained unchanged, admitting he was still tired.

“Okay…” Natalia said to herself before ending the video.

It’s safe to say that my husband’s reaction created a storm online.

One person wrote:

Another agreed, saying, “It’s not true that he said no. That’s fine.

“That’s why there were no compliments, no thanks at all. Just a laugh. A way to make her feel better.”

“How do you lose a woman? You forget to take care of her,” someone else reminded.

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“Even if he says no, he has someone else,” one thought.

”It’s not a bad thing to be tired, but laughing and stuff like that goes deep. Dressed up for my ex and he laughed.

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