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Will the clock advance this weekend?

Sunny nights and flower gardens beckon (Photo: Getty Images)

Fuck!Bright nights and warm days are coming – and then cold weather we had British Daylight Time I can’t come right away.

We’ve seen more than enough this winter freezing fog, snow and icenot to mention the relentless Wind.

but sunny and warm jump Put your clocks forward an hour and you’ll soon have more sun when you get home from work or walk the dog.

moreover, Easter The long-awaited bank holiday.

So when do the clocks move forward and why does the date change each year?

Here’s what you should know:

I can’t wait for summer (Photo: Getty Images)

When does the clock go?

British Summer Time (BST) begins at 1:00 am on the last Sunday in March.

At this point, the clock “jumps” one hour.

In 2023, this will be March 26 (Sun) – that’s it Next Weekend at time of writing.

So you can spend extra time in bed at this time.

Why is the clock ticking?

It can be a little dark in the morning, but the bright nights are fun (Photo: Getty Images)

according to Royal Museums of Fine Arts Greenwich“This change does not affect the length of each day, but sunrise and sunset each occur one hour after summer.”

The idea was put forward in England in 1907 by architect William Willett, who was annoyed by the “waste of sunlight” on summer mornings.

Germany was the first country to adopt daylight saving time in 1916. Britain, along with many other countries involved in World War I, adopted it a few weeks later.

Louise Devoy, Curator of the Royal Observatory, said: Official warnings and guidelines were published in newspapers and magazines to reduce the number of watch “casualties”.

England during World War II double Daylight saving time – two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) – was temporarily introduced, and clocks were one hour ahead of GMT during the winter months. This was to “improve productivity”.

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About 70 countries around the world currently observe some form of daylight saving time.

When will the clock return?

Summer days are approaching… (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

we have up to October 29, 2023 at 2:00 AM – That’s when the clock switches back to GMT.

But the good news is that you can spend at least an hour in bed.

tomorrow : When is Easter 2023 and when are the Easter holidays this year?

tomorrow : Woman spends £900 to transform her home into a giant Easter chocolate house

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