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Why does the government still allow diesel drivers to be tricked into filling up their tanks?

pumps pose

Why is the government still allowing diesel drivers to fill up their tanks?

Wholesale price is Lowest price in 15 months.


Petrol tax freeze will have no impact on UK drivers, if petrol vestibule continues to turn profitableCredit: Getty

But retailers are now making a profit of 19p per liter. instead of last year’s 9p.

Frozen Fuel Duty,if president It wouldn’t make any difference to White Van Man if the front yard continued to profit.

of RAC He said that if one major retailer did the right thing and lowered prices to justified levels, competitors would follow suit.

But that’s the effect the government can have permanently with the new Pumpwatch regulator monitoring and publishing prices.

Drivers are furious with Tesco over big change to supermarket fuel pumps
Lower Fuel Taxes, Higher Pensions, Sun Readers Make Budget Verdict

Why didn’t the budget mention it?

to Africa

Despite denouncing the “feasibility” of Rwanda’s migration plan, the African country has the capacity to host thousands of people who have landed here illegally.

However, it is likely that only a fraction of those locations will be needed.

of concept of deterrence confuse the leftists.

but When immigrants in small boats find they are buying tickets Rwandavia Doverthey go elsewhere.

Channel crossings will dry up.

Denmark and Germany is pondering such a plan that too.

But Labor continues to be very opposed, making ridiculous declarations Rwanda was a “failure” before it even began.

In Kiel Sturmer’s party, ideological bias increasingly overturns solutions.

France erupts

Imagine if the Tories suddenly raised the retirement age by two years without a vote, causing riots against Congress.

The left wing will explode.

they will burn Rishi Snack hit him with lawsuits and public insults that paralyzed him being a fascist parliament.

So Twitter’s Half-witty he’s ‘worse’ Hitler“.

But this President Macron We’re talking Remoaner’s liberal, overarching delusional photogenic poster boy. EU.

he gets a free pass

If so, we agree with Macron.

Tragic to imagine, French must work beyond the age of 62, The new 64 limit is still lower than most limits.

When their pension system collapses, well, c’est la vie.

license to kill

An 8.2% RISE on BBC Licensing could be the final straw for Squint Public.

That’s the expected price increase for 2024 along inflation After 2 years of freezing.

Millions of people are increasingly resentful of paying the taxes mandated on television in this modern age of multi-channel choices and television programming. subscription streaming.

After Lilt, Coca-Cola makes big changes to another iconic fizzy drink
Shoppers love Matalan's new Spring range, but they share the same frustrations.

It’s insane that this station is still funded using a model that was devised a century ago.

So is the idea that the BBC can’t afford the £3.7bn that the country is currently squeezing from us each year.

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