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Who Is Love Island Bombshell Remi Lambert?

Remi Lambert entered the Love Island villa as a bombshell in last summer’s series.

The time for the model was unfortunately shortened. Second competitor to receive dumping.


Remi Lambert arrived late at the 2022 Love Island VillasCredit: Instagram

Who is Remi Lambert?

Remy went to love island A villa looking for that special someone.

22 years old, from manchesterwas unable to form a relationship with anyone during his short time villa.

Sadly, the bomb was jettisoned in a major twist during the reunion shown on June 19, 2022.

Then comes Remy On the spin-off show After Sun, he looked grumpy when he told the host Laura Whitmore it is turned on love island It was “the best experience”.

However, the 22-year-old had trouble uttering any more words and was too emotional to speak.

Remi works as a model and is also an aspiring rapper.

He publishes several videos on his YouTube page.

does he have social media?

Remy stands out Instagramand you can follow him @Remilambo.

There, he shares the inside scoop of his glamorous life.

His profile reveals that he works as a fashion model for many different brands.

His biography is Youtube music video, bipolar.

Remi’s YouTube page – who had 112 subscribers before he arrived on Love Island – also has two music videos for 2021, Superhero and Mr. Gray.

The track has been played over 60,000 times.

What did Remi say about joining Love Island?

Remi entered the villa as one of the bombs Week 2 of Season 8.

When asked why he wanted to go to Love Island, ITV: “I’m single AF!

“When I see molly [Mae Hague] and Tommy [Fury] When I saw the strong bond between the two, I thought, ‘I want to have that kind of love.

Sadly for Remi, her stay at the villa didn’t last long as it was abandoned on Sunday 19th June 2022.

What is Remi Lambert’s relationship with other former islanders?

Remi previously said that Jacques Villa “s**t”.

the pair has been feud since Spectacle, show, play.

Remi punched his best buddies, Luca and Jack, for “bullying” him in and out of the villa – where they made fun of him about his rapping.

remarks are controversial instagram live.

Since then, he claims to be one of Jack’s companions. beat him when he came home from a night out.

How can I watch Love Island 2022?

love island can be watched live ITV2 and the ITV Hub.

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There will be a highlight episode on Saturday night, featuring never-before-seen footage from the Villa.

and on Sunday, roller Host Aftersun with a panel of experts after the main show airs.

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