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Whether the Rwandan scheme will succeed will only be known when the flight takes off


It was a nasty and undemocratic outrage that a Rwandan immigration plan was blocked last year at 11 o’clock by a secretive and anonymous judge in Strasbourg.

The faceless meddlers were petitioned by left-wing human rights lawyers and fanned by fans across the border. Labor Party —who naively considers all small boat immigrants to be “refugees.”


Suella Braverman believes ECHR judges will be less aggressive now that the Illegal Immigration Bill is enacted.Credit: Reuters

Since then, by that ECHR ruling, Labor has Rwanda The deterrence they hate has “failed”. . . it makes us stagger, but they still trot over this bullshit.

Children can see through it.

It’s up to us to decide if this scheme is legal high courtsucceeds or fails when the flight is finally cleared to take off.

and home secretary Suela Braverman account ECtHR Now that we have threatened to ignore them, they will be less eager to interfere. Rishi Snack new illegal immigration bill.

Braverman signs new deal with Rwanda to pave the way for migrant flights by summer
Suella Braverman visits Rwanda to see housing being built for immigrants

That’s great news. But why didn’t we confront them earlier?

For years we have ignored the ECHR’s demands to give prisoners the right to vote.

Why didn’t you try this as well, as many other members do on a daily basis?

boris on the dock

Can you honestly argue that all seven MPs present at Boris Johnson’s trial this week are impartial?

hope they at least understand decision size they have to take

Boris Johnson provides evidence in his defense against Partygate


Boris Johnson provides evidence in his defense against PartygateCredit: Getty

find him Guilty could mean ex-PM eventually kicked out parliament about their statements.

They had better be rigorously unbiased. And they better be right.

They need to make sure that Boris knew the glasses of wine he occasionally lifted with the No 10 co-workers he worked with all day. COVID I broke the lockdown rules.

If his aide told him it was legal, the committee must confirm that Boris knew the advice was wrong.

how can they know that?

Some members plainly foresaw his guilt, as their damning first report shows.

Worker Harriet Herman There is no particular chance of being upset by the defenses put up by Boris.

However, the position of the member of parliament is abysmal.

If the millions of voters who still support Boris conclude that he was stitched up by a kangaroo court, it will never recover.

joke justice

The generosity of speedboat hitman Jack Shepard is scandalous.

That’s not the only time his drunken negligence cost Charlotte Brown’s life.

Generosity towards speedboat killer Jack Shepard is scandalous


Generosity towards speedboat killer Jack Shepard is scandalousCredit: PA: Press Association

While out on bail, he had to bottle up the bartender, flee the country, and turn himself in.

A woman died and a man was wounded by a cowardly thug who mocked justice.

Molly-Mae celebrates first Mother's Day and shares snaps of invisible labor pains
An experienced woman shares £3 of IKEA products that will make moving so much easier

yet he out in less than half a month His already derisive sentence.

No wonder Charlotte’s family is in despair.

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