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Where TikTok Is Already Banned

The UK government is seeking a ban on TikTok on official devices following a review by the National Cyber ​​Security Centre.

The ban, announced Thursday, would allow ministers and officials to use Chinese-owned apps on their personal phones. A spokesperson for the Chinese embassy accused the British government of acting “on political motives rather than facts”.

TikTok has already been banned from many government devices in the United States and other countries.

The ban comes amid growing concerns about the app’s privacy and security. Critics claim personal information could be passed to the Chinese government through owner Bytedance.

TikTok has previously claimed that it does not share data with the Chinese government and that data is not held in China.It has also been accused of collecting more user data than other social media companies. also contested, claiming it operates independently with its own management team.

Following Thursday’s order, TikTok said it was “disappointed” by the decision, which it claimed was “based on a fundamental misunderstanding and driven by broader geopolitics.”

Despite TikTok’s claims, many countries around the world remain cautious about TikTok and its relationship with China. Here are the countries and territories that have implemented partial or full bans on TikTok.

new zealand: friday new zealand Latest country to impose restrictions on TikTok, announced a ban on all devices that could access the country’s parliament. The decision was made following the advice of cybersecurity experts and after discussions with government officials.

England: British government Banned apps on government phones Concerns that sensitive data held on official phones could be accessed by the Chinese government. The Cabinet Office said the ban was imposed because it requires TikTok users to hand over data such as contacts, user content and geolocation data.

India: India banned dozens of other Chinese apps, including TikTok and messaging app WeChat, over privacy and security concerns in 2020. The ban comes after clashes between Indian and Chinese forces on the disputed Himalayan border have killed 20 Indian soldiers and wounded dozens. Businesses were given an opportunity to answer questions about their privacy and security requirements, but the ban was made permanent in January 2021.

Taiwan: In December 2022, Taiwan imposed a public sector ban on TikTok after the FBI warned it posed a national security risk. Government devices such as mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers are not allowed to use Chinese software. This includes apps such as TikTok, its Chinese equivalent his Douyin, or Xiaohongshu, a Chinese lifestyle content app.

America: Some U.S. lawmakers advocate an outright ban, but the U.S. ban only applies to government devices. China has lashed out at the US ban on TikTok, saying the ban is an abuse of state power and stifles companies in other countries. And more than half of her 50 states in the US have banned the use of apps from government devices.

Canada: After the US announcement, Canada announced TikTok must not be used on government-issued devices, saying it poses an “unacceptable” risk to privacy and security. Employees are also blocked from downloading applications in the future.

european union: The European Parliament, European Commission and EU Council (the three main bodies of the EU) have banned TikTok on staff devices. The European Parliament’s ban, announced on Tuesday, will come into force on 20 March. Congress recommends that lawmakers and employees remove the app from their personal devices.

Pakistan: Pakistani authorities have temporarily banned TikTok at least four times since October 2020, citing concerns that it promotes immoral content.

Afghanistan: Afghanistan’s Taliban leadership has banned TikTok and Chinese game PUBG in 2022, citing it as preventing young people from being “misunderstood”.

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