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When is the best time to start planting your own potatoes?

Good taters come to those who wait (Photo: Getty)

Few things work as hard as humble potato – Can be mashed, boiled, or served as a jacket potato.

Not to mention that it’s used in everything from potato chips and crisps to vodka.

If you want to grow your own spuds this year, whether that’s the way to try save money in the present Cost of living or just doing something more sustainable and environmentally friendlywhen should I plant potatoes and how to grow them?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Potato planting time of the year

First you need to understand what types of potatoes can be planted.

Potatoes are classified as either: ear again main crop.

Potatoes can be planted around the end of March and harvested around summer (Photo: Getty)

Early ripening is ready to harvest much earlier than the main crop and is what we call new potatoes. Main crop varieties stay in the ground longer and produce higher yields.

Here are the best times to plant each potato crop:

  • Early to mid-to-late March
  • 2nd early bird discount – early to mid-April
  • Main Harvest – Mid to late April.

However, the planting time varies from country to country. Planting in northern regions should be delayed for several weeks, depending on temperature and risk of frost.

In warmer regions, a second batch of potatoes for the main crop can be planted in late summer. This will yield delicious potatoes for Christmas.

How can I grow my own potatoes?

Chitpotatoes are starting to sprout and are perfect for planting (Photo: Getty)

Grow your own potatoes from seed potatoes, which are small potato tubers, rather than actual seeds.

Seed potatoes are available from late winter onwards from most gardening retailers, including: Dobby, Sutton’s etc.

Sadly, you can’t grow potatoes from old potatoes left over in bags or on supermarket shelves — they won’t produce a reliable crop.

Before planting, it is necessary to chit potatoes. This includes growing shoots on potatoes. This will increase the yield of potatoes.

To chit potatoes, the seed potatoes should be placed in a tray or egg pack, with the end with the most eyes facing up.

Stand in a cool, bright place until 1-2 cm long buds form. This can take up to 6 weeks.

What kind of soil is suitable for potatoes?

Potatoes are best grown in well-drained, deep, loose soil with plenty of organic matter.

This means that, ideally, you have an outdoor space to grow them – an allotment, or a corner of your garden.

How often should I water my potato crop?

Once planted, potato crops should be watered regularly to keep the soil free of weeds, especially during warm, dry months.

As the potato plant grows, cover the shoots with soil using a shovel to prevent the developing tubers from turning green and inedible. This process is called grounding up.

Growing potatoes can be a great family activity (Photo: Getty)

Protrude a few centimeters at the top. If plants continue to grow, they should be grounded again.

potato harvest time

You may want to eat your homemade tater, but when does the crop deliver the goods?

  • first initial Should be ready to lift in June and July
  • second earring July and August
  • main crop From late August to October.

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