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We’re still sick of hearing 12 of the craziest dating stories people told us

Let’s be real – dating can be fun, but it can be completely confusing, especially when it comes to the all-important first date.

Some have sparks, chemicals, and sexual tension. Others are enough to delay us from dating for life.

Well, love and romance are all great things, but if we’re honest with ourselves, the ones we actually enjoy hearing the most are the dating horror stories.

We asked for your freest first story, and boy, you guys weren’t disappointed.

Buckle up—these stories might convince you that your love is dead.

1. Up-and-coming “artists”

2. Opportunist

3. The “Reformed” Compulsive Liar

“I was dating a girl who wouldn’t let me go! I started talking all about how I was a liar.Go…

“Then she took me on a big Ferris wheel. I’m afraid of heights, I have a chest infection and was really struggling. I pulled out my phone to book an Uber and she said took it away from me.

“Then she walked into YoSushi with my phone in her hand, so I followed her and she sat down and ordered three plates of food (I didn’t have any, so I called I kept asking for it back.) When I declined, she said she wished I had bought her dinner on our first date.

“That wasn’t the end of it. She took my phone and went to the pub and ordered two drinks. I was on antibiotics and didn’t drink at the time, so I was literally I had to get my phone out…or put it in her pocket and left her there to prevent me from getting out. – Anonymous

4. “Rapper”

5. “Love at first sight” Guy

6. Do we have a problem?

“I was taken to a private members club on our first date and he kissed me and I vomited all over. It was so bad that I ripped the wallpaper off the wall…” – Anonymous

7. Party Animal

“After a successful first date, I returned to his house and his apartment was in shambles. Like, disgusting.

“I was sitting on his bed while he went to make another drink. Twenty minutes later I saw him lying face down on the sofa. I couldn’t drive home, so I slept again.

“Then I woke up to him apologizing and asking me not to leave. I asked, no second date.” – Anonymous

8. Alan Partridge fan

“I don’t like Steve Coogan, so I had a guy leave me in the middle of a pint…we were talking about comedy. He said how much he liked Alan Partridge.” rice field.

“I said I didn’t think he was that funny, so I said my date wasn’t worth dragging it out and left. – Anonymous

9. Rebound

“Within five minutes, she let me know that she had broken up with her ex the week before…then started crying about missing him and the fact that it was our third first date ever since. I bought her some chips to cheer her up and left immediately.” – Anonymous

10. The misogynist

11. “Self-love” friends

12. Escape Artist

Sorry, I’m removing all dating apps….

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