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Weather map shows wall of snow as UK plunges into freeze

According to weather maps, a wall of snow may be looming over Britain. In the far north of Scotland, temperatures are set to drop to minus 10 degrees, setting the country out of winter and into spring.

Meanwhile, the south will have a colder end of the month with temperatures around -1C, just as the clocks return to March 26th.

Fast forward to the beginning of April and temperatures are cooler with the possibility of snow.

According to WXCharts, the northeast and northwest of Scotland could see several centimeters of snow, while the south could still face several centimeters of low ground.

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Writing for Net Weather, Nick Finnis said Britain should expect mild weather followed by cooler weather at the end of the month.

“Unlike recently, the next 10 days are likely to be above-normal and generally mild,” Finnis said. It moves east or northeast with rain, interspersed with bright but wet weather.

“The cold pole is not too far north of northern Scotland. This cold could spread at least north of Scotland, but could possibly spread further south in the wake of a storm system passing east. Yes, in the UK.

“If this cool air moves south, it means there is a risk that rain that flows in from the Atlantic will turn to snow in the Scottish Highlands, creating frost and ice when the skies clear.”

Farther north, however, Finis writes, “it looks mild and frost-free for the next 10 days, but not overly mild.”

At the end of the month he said the UK could “see a return of cooler polar air from the north over the last five days of the month, perhaps enough to bring some winteriness to northern precipitation.” “It’s cold, and overnight frosts can return to a wide area,” he said. “

As a result, a short period of mild weather is expected in the UK before the end of March and the beginning of April.

This cold weather can bring snow and ice to the high altitude, making conditions dangerous and making driving situations more tricky.

The United Kingdom was set to experience “rapid changes” in weather conditions, according to a Met Office report at the end of March.

They said they were about to experience “cyclonic conditions” that the UK is expected to rule.

Their report at the end of the month said: “First clouds and rain clearing to the northeast on Tuesday, followed by clear skies with sprinkles of rain likely, especially in the north. Then more clouds and rain could roll in from the west.Possibly strong local winds and low risk of coastal gales.

“The remainder of the period is likely to be characterized by a period of unsettled weather, with cyclonic conditions initially dominant and expected to bring occasional heavy rainfall and showers.”

They added: “The west receives the most rainfall, while the east remains relatively dry. There is a risk of strong winds at times and persistent coastal gales.”

“Winter showers may return later in the north, but total rainfall is generally lower than in the south. there is.”

The predicted cooler temperatures will come after February, which the Japan Meteorological Agency described as “a milder, drier average.”

They said, “After a volatile start and a period of mid-month volatility, the month was markedly dry, tentatively the UK’s driest February since 1993.”

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