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Unrecognizable Love Island stars before weight loss transformation

LOVE Island bombshell Claudia Fogarty opened up about her lack of confidence and her struggle with weight.

ClaudiaThe 28-year-old has lost almost three stones in the last few years, but admits he still struggles sometimes with how he looks when he looks in the mirror.


Love Island’s Claudia Fogarty talks about our weight battle.Credit: Instagram
The reality star lost almost three stones in three years


The reality star lost almost three stones in three yearsCredit: Instagram

Speaking on the new podcast, the stunning reality star admitted: “I feel like I’ve never been a confident person.

“Everyone sees me as a funny, happy, bubbly ball of energy.

“I never show how I really feel, and it can be very insecure at times.”

Claudia opened up to her peers love island Schoolmate Scott Thomas for his podcast learn while learning.

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stunning blonde who is the daughter of Superbike Champion Carl Fogartytold Scott that she had reached her heaviest weight after a relationship breakup three years ago.

“I looked in the mirror and thought, ‘What are you doing?'” Claudia said.

“People always say, ‘I didn’t know you were bigger.’ I had a method.

“I didn’t want people to know how big I really was. I wasn’t like ‘Oh my god’ until I took a photo without clothes and literally saw a raw photo of me.” . ”

Claudia says things “clicked” during a session with her personal trainer and she set out to overhaul her lifestyle.

“I said, ‘I’m sick of being bloated and fat.’ I’m not saying I was fat because people looked at the pictures and said I wasn’t, I was just so curvy.” My health,” she explained.

“I started crying, she started crying, my mother started crying.

“That day I started my journey. It’s been three years since then.”

Abandoned stars from love island together Keenan Brand, Almost lost 3 stones as a result of the changes she made.

She started walking more, hit the gym, and switched chocolate for fruits and nuts.

Claudia also said that drinking less has helped because she no longer mocks hangovers and junk food.

But she admitted: “It’s hard for me to be just one weight. It’s a constant, but it’s a lifestyle change.

“It’s hard and I don’t think I’ll take it. It’s a battle.”

Claudia St. Pulse Race when she walked into her South African villa during the infamous Heart Rate Challenge.

Blonde bombshell dressed and walking into the garden In sexy red lingerie and huge Victoria’s Secret style wings.

However, despite her sizzling appearance, Claudia has admitted she feels intimidated and has previously claimed not to attend ITV2 shows as such.

“One of the things I didn’t want to do was participate in that challenge,” she told Scott.

“I told my mother that before I left.

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“They surprised me with Ann Summers lingerie and wings.

“You asked me a few years ago, but I had never done anything like that in millions of years.

Claudia admits she struggles with a lack of confidence


Claudia admits she struggles with a lack of confidenceCredit: Instagram
Bombshell was afraid to enter the villa in red underwear and wings


Bombshell was afraid to enter the villa in red underwear and wingsCredit: Rex

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