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Ukrainian refugee, 7, returns to warzone for dentist appointment to beat NHS delay

A 7-year-old Ukrainian girl has returned home with her mother. Ukraine for dental care NHS waiting list it was so long

Lisa and her mother Oksana Martirosova lived as refugees in Aberdeenshire. To get to the dentist in Ukraine, she had to fly to Poland, from where she had to take a 15-hour bus ride. Sengoku.

“Lisa’s pain was so bad she couldn’t wait months for antibiotics. She was really scared and shaking and I had to give her pain killers every day.

“In our country, this is an emergency, and you go to the hospital that day or the next day, not months later. I don’t know how people with it live with this problem.”

“The doctors here are good, but the lines are bad.”

NHS waiting time the service has swirling across the UKSome declare that “The system is broken.”

The situation is the same in Scotland, where health services are controlled. Scottish Mandate GovernmentA recent report by Public Health Scotland said 6,856 people had been awaiting hospital treatment for more than two years.

There are some signs of improvement. As of September 2022, he had 7,282 people who had waited more than two years.

However, many still consider this situation unacceptable.

Daily Mirror Labor Rep. Michael Mara, who helped Martirosova’s family obtain visas last year, blamed the SNP government’s health and social welfare secretary Humza Yousaf.

“Humza Yousaf’s disastrous administration of the NHS has left too many people in desperate circumstances. That’s it.”

“Astronomical wait times are pushing people to extremes to get urgently needed treatment.”

A Scottish government spokeswoman told The Mirror:

“But the challenges facing the NHS are not unique to Scotland, they are being felt across the UK.”

“The Scottish Government remains focused on supporting services to address and mitigate these pressures and is working to close the backlog of planned care appointments caused by the pandemic. increase.”

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