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UK to start negotiations to rejoin £83bn EU scheme in ‘weeks’

Negotiations to bring Britain on board of the EU The £83bn Horizon Europe research funding program could reportedly be launched in just ‘weeks’. Horizon Europe is a seven-year initiative to fund scientific research and innovation, launching in 2021 as the successor to the Horizon 2020 programme.

It aims to increase European science spending by 50% in 2027 and is open to applications from both within the EU and from relevant countries.

In late 2020, with the signing of a trade cooperation agreement, the UK and the EU reached an agreement in principle for the UK to partner with Horizon Europe. brexit.

But political hurdles make the deal a roadblock between the UK and its neighbor across the English Channel.

According to BBC News Brussels correspondent Jessica Parker: twitter: “UK officials are still working on a ‘Plan B’ but say proper talks on access could start in Brussels in the next few weeks.

“But the UK has already missed part of the seven-year programme, so it looks like negotiations will take place.”

Parker said a key topic of discussion will be money. she said:

“There appear to be several other legal and practical concerns, including Britain’s ability to formulate plans, which it has since calmly dealt with. brexit

According to Parker, there were recent rumors that Rishi Sunak was hesitant about joining Horizon’s fundraising program again.

She explained: “There were reports that the prime minister was skeptical about the value of the scheme (although some people close to Sunak say those claims went too far).

“Nevertheless, it has caused disappointment among academic and business leaders who say the stalemate is damaging research and innovation.”

In fact, the Russell Group, which represents 24 of the UK’s most research-intensive universities, including both Oxford and Cambridge, said its failure to participate in Horizon Europe was a sign of its goal to make the UK a “scientific superpower”. previously warned that it would interfere with

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