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UK fishermen face £199 fee for exporting catch to post-Brexit EU

Pembrokeshire fishermen face a £199 fee for exporting their products. EUThis fee has been introduced by the County Council’s Cabinet to allow the Port Health Team to issue ECHs. The certificate is compulsory for all UK companies exporting or moving live animal products into the EU.brexit.

A spokesman for the Pembrokeshire Cabinet said: brexit, fishery products exported from the UK to the European Union are now required to be EHC, as provided for in Official Control Regulation 2017/625. ”

UK fishing was one of the most controversial topics in 2015. brexit negotiation.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised British fishermen that they will be fully protected in the event of any post-it.brexit Trade agreement with the EU signed on December 30, 2020.

The trade deal said there would be a five-year transition period of little change that would see EU boats continue to gain access to UK waters until 2026.

Shortly after the trade deal with the EU was signed, then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted concessions to the EU, but insisted the deal was a success.

“I think the EU wanted a transition period of 14 years, they wanted 3 years, but in the end it’s 5 years.

“It’s a reasonable transition period and we can be confident that the great fish lovers in this country will be able to catch and eat a very staggering amount of extra fish as a result of this deal.” increase.

“For the first time since 1973 we will be an independent coastal power with full control over our waters and the proportion of fish in UK waters will rise substantially from about half today to nearly two thirds in five and a half years. .time.

“There is no theoretical limit to the amount of fish that can be caught in our waters, then, either by science or conservation.”

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Britain’s environment minister Mark Spencer said in December that Britain had gained a further 30,000 tonnes of fishing quota as a result of Brexit.

“The UK fisheries opportunity is being negotiated in three main forums, first bilaterally between the UK and the EU. Agreed: Non-Allotted Shares.

“The deal will provide the UK fleet with over 140,000 tonnes of fishing opportunities, valued at around £282 million based on historical landing prices. We have agreed to an access arrangement for the UK-EU for the first time through written records.

“For unallocated resources, we have agreed to roll over our access arrangements for 2023, allowing the UK fleet, worth around £25m a year in EU waters, to continue to access unallocated resources.”

He added: “The UK has about 30,000 tonnes more quota from these negotiations as a result of the increased quota share agreed in the Trade and Cooperation Agreements.”

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