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UFC 286 LIVE – latest update on Edwards vs Usman

Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman Gain Weight for Trilogy Fight at UFC 286

Leon Edwards defend his welterweight title Kamal Usman at tonight’s main event UFC 286 at the O2 Arena in London.

Edwards from Jamaica Knocked out Usman in style in Augusttook the belt from a Nigerian-American, becoming the second British belt UFC champion.

For Edwards The result was also revenge for the 2015 loss to Usman.tonight’s main event is meant to conclude a trilogy between the pair.

Former lightweight interim champion in the co-main event Justin Gaethje He will take on up-and-comer Rafael Fizieff in a fight that is almost guaranteed to steal the show.

Follow live updates and results from UFC 286 below. The event will be broadcast live on the BT Sports Box Office in the UK and ESPN+ in the US.. click here Subscribe to The Independent’s Sports YouTube Channel for all the latest sports videos.


UFC 286 LIVE: Edwards vs. Usman

Herbert vs Klein – Round 3

Herbert is in control on the mat but can’t find the shots and holds he needs. Klein has successfully reversed the position and Herbert is lying with his back against the fence.

Lightweights stand and proceed to the judges’ scorecards.

With Herbert stripped of points, the best-case scenario for the Britons might be a draw…

Alex PattleMarch 18, 2023 17:27


UFC 286 LIVE: Edwards vs. Usman

“How times change,” says Leon Edwards. When the UFC Welterweight Champion steps into the heart of the O2 arena tonight, he will do so almost three years after the venue’s blood vessels were inadvertently blocked.

In 2020, Edwards was scheduled to face off in the main event against former champion Tyrone Woodley, but the start of the Covid pandemic left the fight in the ether of a lost contest. I got it,” says Edwards.

But how do times change? And this, rebellious Edwards insists, is his time.

read the interview With the champions ahead of tonight’s trilogy match against Kamal Usman:

Alex PattleMarch 18, 2023 17:25


UFC 286 LIVE: Edwards vs. Usman

Herbert vs Klein – Round 3

Again Herbert seems to push Klein against the fence and land a low knee. Timeouts hit again and Herbert docked a point! He probably needs to finish now to win this one.

We resume and the Englishman secures a tidy trip! Can he find a submission or mount a vital ground and pound?

He’s landing decent elbows so far!

Alex PattleMarch 18, 2023 17:24


UFC 286 LIVE: Edwards vs. Usman

Herbert vs Klein – Round 3

Herbert with nice step-in knees on his body. Klein responds with 1-2 up top.

Herbert pushes Klein against the fence and throws a knee, but Klein suggests it land low and the referee pauses the action.

When it resumes, it’s going to be a shootout in no time! Herbert should be careful here…

Alex PattleMar 18, 2023 17:21


UFC 286 LIVE: Edwards vs. Usman

Herbert vs Klein – Round 2

Many inside leg kicks from Herbert as the round progresses. But the crowd is getting a little restless.

Klein backs Herbert up again, connecting with a smooth right cross and a left hook late in the round.

Alex PattleMarch 18, 2023 17:18


UFC 286 LIVE: Edwards vs. Usman

Herbert vs Klein – Round 2

Klein comes out front early in this round. He missed with a head kick and then narrowly missed with a left hook.

Herbert can’t keep his back out of the cage and eventually Klein closes the distance and brings a solid knee closer.

Now the Slovak grabs Herbert, but quickly leaves. Herbert throws a grazing head his kick and then a right cross. Now an inside low kick, Klein responds with a left hook this time.

Alex PattleMarch 18, 2023 17:16


UFC 286 LIVE: Edwards vs. Usman

Herbert vs Klein – Round 1

The pair easily clinch and exchange knees. Klein is bleeding from above his left eye.

Alex PattleMarch 18, 2023 17:12


UFC 286 LIVE: Edwards vs. Usman

Herbert vs Klein – Round 1

Herbert and Klein both miss head kicks early on. Many feints from each man.

Cline with a decent southpaw jab as he backs up Herbert.

Slovak Klein does his best to lighten his elbow, but Herbert corners him. The Englishman tries to grab the armbar while intermittently throwing hammer fists from his back.

Klein stands up and gets an upkick! Herbert stands up and absorbs the head kick!

Alex PattleMar 18, 2023 17:11


UFC 286 LIVE: Edwards vs. Usman

Next is British Jai Herbert vs. Ludovit Klein lightweight!

Alex PattleMarch 18, 2023 17:07


UFC 286 LIVE: Edwards vs. Usman

Veronica Hardy diff. Julianna Miller by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Alex PattleMarch 18, 2023 17:00

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