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The pressure to have a perfect birth does nothing but turn joy into disappointment

Life rarely goes according to plan. This is annoying at best, and hopeless and out of control at worst.

Childbirth is one such opportunity. We are encouraged to have a “birth plan” and prepare like we are studying for a degree and are constantly asked, “Are you ready for the new arrivals?” can be frustrating. Sometimes it can even be devastating when things don’t go according to plan.

some new parentswhich can lead to a whole host of complex emotions and symptoms, from trauma to failure and disappointment.

“my first birth Experience expectations were highly glorified and biased toward one type of ‘natural’ birth and feeding experience,” says Warnes, who had a daughter in 2014.

“When Olivia arrived after an emergency C-section, following an undiagnosed breech position, I was traumatized. I thought I was going to die during labor and would lose her too.

“I was completely devastated to have her in my arms. A very painful breastfeeding journey seemed to cement my whole experience. It was a complete failure.

Unfortunately, these feelings are not uncommon.in seconds Birth Experience Study in Pennsylvania, USAfound that approximately 1 in 10 women experienced disappointment after giving birth, with 15% reporting sadness and 7% reporting feeling like a failure.

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