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The man who led the grooming gang in Ellie Williams and sued the police

A man falsely accused of being in charge of an Asian grooming gang intends to sue both the police and the Home Office for the pain and reputational damage the investigation has caused him. last week, Eleanor Williams He was jailed for eight and a half years in Preston Criminal Court for perverting the course of justice. The 22-year-old has falsely claimed that she was the victim of her Asian grooming gang.

She named Mohammed Ramzan as head of the group and accused him of grooming her from the age of 12.

Mr. Williams also claimed he was severely beaten and trafficked to Amsterdam to be sold at a slave auction for €25,000.

Ramzan was subsequently arrested by police in July 2019 for cash and carry and was detained for 36 hours.

He said at his sentencing hearing in Preston Criminal Court after Mr. Williams’ lies had made his life “hell on earth”, his business ruined, and he and his family severely mistreated by the public. He said it drove him to attempt suicide.

Ramzan said he received “countless death threats” from people around the world through social media.

Now a father of four, he plans to seek redress from the police and the Interior Ministry for the psychological trauma he suffered.

In an exclusive interview with daily mirrorhe said: “I respect the investigative team, but I am disappointed in the Barrow Police Department.

“I received over 500 death threats, but nothing was done. We received no help or support.”

“My business shut down and no one would buy from an ice cream van owned by a man who was labeled a pedophile,” Ramzan said.

“The last four years have felt like war. We are now £187,000 in debt.

“I think I have PTSD. I’m emotionally broken. I get tears all the time. It wasn’t like that before.”

Williams published a 1,300-word post on her Facebook page in May 2020, in which she claimed she had fallen victim to an Asian grooming gang.

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Her post, which contains chilling images of her apparently attacked, has been published over 100,000 times.

Her lies sparked public outrage and racial tensions as far-right groups flooded into town.

The owner of an Indian restaurant in town had his windows smashed repeatedly after a list was circulated on Snapchat claiming businesses were complicit in Williams’ abuse.

One Muslim restaurateur told The Guardian that he lost at least £80,000 worth of habits after being on the list.

Orders dropped from 70-80 to 2-3 a night, and he was chased down the street by people on skateboards who used the P word to spray beer in his face.

Cumbria Police acknowledged the impact the incident had on the false accusers, but said they had no choice but to defend their actions and investigate.

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A police spokesperson said: “Those to whom she made the allegations were arrested and interviewed.

“We have provided support to partner institutions and steered individuals to reach out to those who have been falsely accused.

“The fallout has led directly to hate crimes against members of the Asian community, and these have been investigated.”

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