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The Last of Us TV Show Ruined the Infected – Reader Feature

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readers are impressed Last of Us I fear that the adaptation will change the way the infected work has negatively affected the story and tone.

look at everything except Final episode of The Last Of Usit’s safe to say that this is the adaptation that finally proves that, given the right material, video games can be successfully translated into film and television. It looks and perhaps finally shows that video games can and do have compelling adult stories.

Of course, it wasn’t perfect. I feel there was one minor change in the TV adaptation that seemed to have had the unfortunate side effect of changing the world-building of the entire story. Now we’re getting into slight spoiler territory, so be careful – how the fungal spores were treated.

as someone who has played game Over the course of Joel and Ellie’s journey to find out, they encounter several instances of airborne fungal spores typically found in old dilapidated buildings and other damp, dingy spaces. It doesn’t add anything in terms of play mechanics, but it does help reinforce the threat these fungal spores pose to humans as characters rush to don gas masks or avoid those spaces altogether. However, in the television adaptation, these fungal spores are not actually mentioned.

In one early TV episode, characters unexpectedly encounter a fungus-covered corpse of a victim and, aside from the initial shock, continue chatting normally, oblivious to their health.

To some extent, I can understand why that choice was made. After all, seeing someone trying to emote with a gas mask and talking in a muffled voice is probably going to be a frustrating viewing experience. Please check if it has become

Unfortunately, rather than providing an explanation to explain the natural threat posed by the fungus and its spores, the television adaptation instead chose to amplify the threat by making the fungus somewhat sentient. This means that if someone steps on a small fungus in one place, it will “alert” nearby infected individuals of its presence via the “fungal network”, causing a flood and rampage at the unfortunate humans.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like much of a change, but to me it fundamentally changes the whole narrative of the relationship between the infected and the fungus.

In my opinion, the game does not portray mushrooms as sentient. Rather, like all plants in nature, fungi simply survived, multiplied, and evolved so that fungal spores could infect and reproduce human hosts. , they become infected and are then used like sacks of fertilizer that allow the fungus to grow within the host.

This process drives them insane, attacking them frantically until they mutate badly and eventually the fungus continues to thrive, releasing spores that can infect even more victims. becomes a mountain of

It looks like the game, but works differently (Credit: HBO)

Contrast this with television adaptations in which the infected act like murderous zombies, actively seeking out other humans to infect at the behest of malicious sentients within the fungal network. kissed) and become an Infected with a preference for human flesh. If that sounds awful like The Walking Dead or any other zombie movie or TV show you’ve ever seen, you’re right.In my humble opinion, it hardly works.

Games have always portrayed humans as the real enemy, as the old world order has collapsed and humanity has been relegated to survival of the fittest. The situation was made worse by a new hostile natural world inhabited by deadly fungi. prospered.

Sadly, the TV series leaves the threat associated with fungal spores on the editing room floor, so the threat posed by the Infected is elevated to something similar to the Infected 28 Days Later. . It’s the evil hivemind that runs the show, and to me, that’s a bit of a shame because it dilutes the originality displayed in the game’s narrative.

This is not to say that I don’t enjoy the TV series. I think it’s interesting that one of the adaptations had such a big impact on the overall story. Hopefully Fungus Spores will return in a second series and the murderous fungus zombie portrayal will be lost. tone down.

by reader Heinz57

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