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The day before the release date: everything we know so far

Upcoming zombie game The Day Before got off to a rocky start, plagued by controversy and delayed just weeks before its scheduled release.

Nevertheless, the game’s developers claim that it is still to come and that players will be happy with the gameplay and graphics on offer.


The Day Before was originally supposed to release in 2022, but the game was delayedCredit: Fntastic / Mytona
It has also missed its first release date in 2023, with fans expecting a further delay.


It has also missed its first release date in 2023, with fans expecting a further delay.Credit: Fntastic / Mytona

However, some gamers aren’t too sure, and with so much talk surrounding the game, many aren’t even sure it even exists.

Here’s everything we know so far, including The Day Before’s release date, why it was delayed, and more.

When is the release date for The Day Before?

The Day Before was originally slated for release in June 2022, before being delayed by several months due to engine changes.

The subsequent release date was March 1, 2023, but that release date has also been missed, and the game is set to release significantly later than originally planned.

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Now, according to developer Fntastic, The Day Before is set to release in the next few days. November 10, 2023but many believe it may be delayed again.

This is because the developers haven’t shown off much in terms of gameplay yet, and the little gameplay released seems pretty underdeveloped.

Will The Day Before release on consoles?

Many gamers PS5 and Xbox Series X|S The Day Before release seems unlikely at this stage.

The game’s developer says it’s considering a possible console release, but the company’s previous games were PC-only releases.

In 2021, the developer said console news for its predecessor, Propnight, would be announced “soon”, but as of 2023, no announcement has been made.

The official website for The Day Before only states that the game is coming. computerSo a console release is not impossible, but unlikely.

Will The Day Before have multiplayer?

the day before online multiplayer games This allows multiple players to form a party and cooperate to defeat zombie.

While it is possible for players to play the game solo, developer Fntastic says The Day Before was developed with a multiplayer focus.

Fntastic’s previous games, such as Propnight and The Wild Eight, were also multiplayer games and received mixed to positive reviews.

It’s unclear at this time if the game requires an always-on online connection or if the PC can be played without an internet connection.

Why was The Day Before delayed?

The Day Before delay was a topic of much debate and speculation in early 2023, but the first delay from June 2022 to early 2023 was due to engine changes from Unreal 4 to Unreal 5. bottom.

The delay to November 2023 is much more complicated as the developer initially said it was due to a trademark dispute over the game’s name.

He later returned to this statement, stating that the game’s postponement had been planned before the trademark dispute arose.

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According to Fantastic, the main reason for the delay was to refine and improve the game so players could enjoy it when it was released.

Written on behalf of Oliver Brandt GLHF.

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