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The BBC we love was killed by mending narcissists like Gary Lineker

If you don’t want to know the score, look away.

£159 license fee or 8,176 viewers have to pay Gary Lineker£1.3 million of annual salary and BBC.


Sir David Attenborough’s new documentary was the BBC’s brightest momentCredit: P.A.
Some license fee payers will feel something between the annoyance and anger that Gary completely escaped.


Some license fee payers will feel something between the annoyance and anger that Gary completely escaped.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Many of these license payers would have been delighted to see Lineker talking football on TV this weekend.

No more presenters today’s game.

However, some of them will feel something between the irritation and anger that Gary has outright. escaped by comparison The most racially diverse government in British history — including Home Secretary Their children are direct descendants of Holocaust victims in Nazi Germany.

And all of these 8,176 license fee payers have the right to feel considered mugs.

Nicola Sturgeon proves referendums don't work.
Comparing immigration policy to the Nazis is grotesque

Self-evidently, we no longer have an independent national broadcaster, but we are still obligated to pay.

You cannot opt ​​out.fourteen years later Claudia Lawrence disappeared BBC reports he walked to work at York University still chasing her Payment of license fees, including the threat of lawsuits and a fine of £1,000.

Claudia’s mother, Joanne, said the harassment caused her “unfathomable heartache”.

We’ve grown accustomed to the BBC’s left-wing prejudices.

But the victory of someone who speaks like Rick of The Young Ones suggests that all pretense of fairness is now gone forever.

And without that divine equity, the BBC would lose its soul.

And it receives £4 billion a year from licensing fees.

Lineker wins Against his cowardly boss, it’s an empty victory.

Because it’s only a fake market created by licensing fees that allows you to pay him £1.3m a year to present a highlight show.

Yes, Lineker can jump ships ITV You can get more information than the BBC.

But it certainly isn’t when the magic money tree of licensing fees runs out.

Then everyone in the TV industry will find themselves living in a more difficult and impoverished world, competing for advertising revenue, subscriptions and viewership.

The license fees that currently enrich the BBC’s self-righteous superstars are creating a fake market.

When that £4 billion a year disappears into the mists of history, the broadcasting house fat cat will no longer be a protected species.

They end up in the same leaky boat as blacksmiths, milkmen and print journalists, making ends meet in the contracting industry.

distribution of bananas

For some, seeing a self-righteous, self-important left-hander cut down to size is a win.

However, younger generations born in this century do not have a particular affection for the BBC and think that watching TV is something they used to do in the old days, like banana rationing. I don’t even look up.

But for those of us who grew up with the BBC, it will be a sad day when the BBC is no longer special enough to pay a license fee.

Many of us still have a deep and abiding love for the BBC.

watched the first episode of David Attenborough‘s Wild Isles and I couldn’t imagine it showing up anywhere else.

Amazon? Netflix? Disney Plus? I really don’t think so.

Sir David’s documentary on these islands was the height of the BBC’s glory.

But that BBC — the BBC we grew up with, the BBC we love — was killed by mending narcissists. And lost something irreplaceable.

But Attenborough is from the old BBC.

Sir David never called him a Nazi because he was a Tory.

A new style of playboy takes everyone on board

Playboy magazine has always struggled to find its place in a world that includes both the internet and gender equality.

Its print edition disappeared a few years ago, but now playboy It’s back with a subscription service that puts content behind a paywall.

Playboy is back with a subscription service that puts content behind a paywall


Playboy is back with a subscription service that puts content behind a paywallCredit: Mega Agency

Playboy’s “creator” is said to replace the Playboy bunny.

In the first digital version, Amanda Cerny wears a metal bathing suit with floppy ears and sits astride what appears to be a giant carrot. bunny – geddit?

Brand propaganda promises not a whole new world.

When I can finally let go of my floppy ears, I believe Playboy is part of the modern world.

US Harry Shock

Prince Harry’s youthful jape, dressed as a Nazi for a costume party, will be recreated in the next series of The Crown.

Last December, Harry and Meghan received the Ripple of Hope Award for their stance on racism.

The majority of Brits who knew Harry long before he healed the world will already be well aware that the Beanbrain Prince once dressed up as a Nazi for a hilarious joke.

But it will be an eye opener for Harry’s new fans in America.

It takes a heart of stone not to laugh.

Lucy is a true genius

The Piano on CHANNEL 4 was incredibly moving.

hosted by Claudia Winklemanjudging by classical pianist Lang Lang and pop star Mika, was the best reality show in years.

Lucy, 13, was a revelation on Channel 4's The Piano


Lucy, 13, was a revelation on Channel 4’s The PianoCredit: P.A.

We searched for the best amateur pianists in the country and invited players to play on ivory at many railway stations.

All four finalists have experienced personal struggles. But what the eventual winner, Lucy, had to overcome was unimaginable.

The 13-year-old was born with a cancerous tumor behind her eye.

She is blind, autistic, and almost speechless.

Lang Lang called her a genius. Lucy played Debussy’s Arabesque No. 1, which didn’t feel like an exaggeration.

The piano was uplifting, heartbreaking, and inspiring.

HUMZA YOUSAF is a potential successor in the SNP Leadership Contest. Nicola Sturgeon.

but Mr. Yousaf “Where are the men?” I yelled at a group of female Ukrainian refugees.

Well, aren’t they at war? What a gaffe, Humza.

flat Joe Biden blush

roger must be sir

THE QUEEN HAS KNITTED MANY ROCK STARS – Paul McCartney, Elton John, Mick Jagger, from Morrison, tom jones and rod stewartto confer honorary knighthoods on Irish citizens Bono and Bob Geldof.

The new king continues the tradition by making one of the queens a knight, Brian May.

The Who legend Roger Daltrey deserves a knighthood


The Who legend Roger Daltrey deserves a knighthoodCredit: Getty

But as always, when a rockstar is knighted, my thoughts are Roger Daltrey Or The Who.

The Who are with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Daltrey helped launch the annual Teenage Cancer Trust concert series, which has raised over £20 million over the past 20 years.

Some rock stars don’t dig into awards. David Bowie has turned down his knighthood. Keith Richards scathingly criticized Jaguar for accepting it.

But Daltrey has no such objection. He accepted the CBE in 2005 due to his work with his Cancer Trust and other charities during his teenage years. So where are his knights?

Mick still has it

Mick Jagger created a stir during the Fulham vs. Arsenal match by wearing a DILF baseball cap.

Meaning Dad wants to… fundle. or something

Rock legend Mick Jagger never loses his cheeky side


Rock legend Mick Jagger never loses his cheeky sideCredit: Rex

Technically, Mick is a great-grandfather to age 3, a grandfather to age 5, and a father to an 8-year-old from age 6 to 50, so he qualifies for the GGDILF hat.

His DILF wags tongues about how many lovers he has – 4,000, suggested one of his biographers, but we don’t know who’s counting. I bet you didn’t.

Jaguar will celebrate its 80th birthday in July. That DILF his cap proves he still has it.

A sense of humor, that is.

real world emma

Emma Raducanu says she’s ditching social media for using too many hateful and negative words.

“I deleted WhatsApp and Instagram from my phone after the Australian Open,” he says. Emma.

Like Emma Raducanu, more young people will learn the benefits of quitting social media


Like Emma Raducanu, more young people will learn the benefits of quitting social mediaCredit: Getty

“Then I live under my own little rock.”

Inside a beautiful seaside town overrun by 'super rats' terrorizing locals
Veterinary Technician Reveals Breeds of Dogs Afraid to Enter Because They Constantly Bite

It’s not your own little rock, Emma. That’s real life.

I think in the next few years, many of Emma’s generation of 20-year-olds will realize that swimming in the sewers of social media isn’t really an obligation.

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