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The £560,000 brooch makes a royal comeback and Kate gives Diana a special nod

Kate Middleton gave Princess Diana a special nod after wearing a brooch previously worn by her late mother-in-law, experts suggest. joined other leading members of the royal family for their services.

Kate’s jewelry choices were the subject of Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie’s Royally Obsessed podcast.

Rachel Bowie said: “Obviously Kate wore Diana’s diamond and sapphire earrings.

“But more important is the Prince of Wales feather pendant brooch.

“This has been passed down for generations. Most recently, the Queen Mother had it during our lifetime. It ended up going to Diana, and when Diana died in 1997. I returned to the Queen.

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“Since then, according to the Daily Mail, Prince Charles inherited the title Princess of Wales when Camilla got married and took it, even though he never publicly used it. You seem to have made a big point.

Bowie added: “It’s worth $680,000 (£560,000)”

Kate reportedly started wearing the brooch after being announced as the new Princess of Wales in November 2022.

However, she also decided to wear the brooch without the cabochon drop emerald that she usually wears.

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Queen Alexandra’s Three Feathers Brooch was given to Princess Alexandra of Denmark on her marriage to the future King Edward VII in 1863.

Charles used the Commonwealth Day service to encourage families around the world to “work together” to achieve “the common good of the world.”

“Climate change and biodiversity loss, youth opportunities and education, global health and economic cooperation, the Commonwealth can play a vital role in some of the most pressing issues of our time.

“Our association is not only an association of shared values, but of common purpose and joint action.

“In this respect we are blessed with the ingenuity and imagination of a third of the world’s population, including 1.5 billion people under the age of 30.

“Our shared humanity contains an invaluable diversity of thoughts, cultures, traditions and experiences.

“By listening to each other, we can find many of the solutions we seek.”

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