Tesla lawsuit alleges crash monitoring system is flawed

All-electric car maker Tesla claims some of its cars are suffering from flaws, including false collision warnings, that not only annoy drivers but can pose a serious safety hazard. We may be facing a class action lawsuit over

The complaint was filed in Cook County, Illinois, by a plaintiff who alleges that his Tesla vehicle exhibits a material flaw in its forward collision monitoring system. According to Courthouse News, filing [PDF].

This system is a feature designed to prevent collisions by monitoring the front of the vehicle for other vehicles or other obstacles. If a collision appears imminent, the system issues a warning and prompts the driver to take immediate action. If no such action is taken, the car will automatically brake.

According to lead plaintiff, Joshua Santiago, Tesla periodically displayed a forward collision warning when the vehicle was traveling on an empty highway in front of it, making a loud noise that made the vehicle dangerous. I hit the brakes even though it wasn’t there. hit anything. He claims this happened multiple times per trip.

Not only is the warning sound itself “loud and distracting” for drivers, but it can also cause “phantom braking” when another car is following behind, rather than the system actually preventing a collision. , which can cause conflicts.

The filing alleges that hundreds of similar complaints about this crash warning flaw have been reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Tesla itself by drivers across the United States, but including different Tesla models. Only 15 are listed.

The filing continues to argue that Tesla must be aware of the alleged flaw, but the company regularly updates its vehicles with over-the-air software updates, but none of the updates fix the supposed flaw. Not provided.

“At the very least, defendants should have disclosed the crash warning defect to the consumer before the consumer purchased the defective vehicle,” the document states.

Plaintiffs argue that they would not have decided to purchase that particular vehicle (or would have purchased it at a substantially lower price) had they known about this defect.

He also claimed that he has Tesla insurance, which is affecting his premiums. It implements a usage-based safety discount scheme that determines premiums based on certain driving metrics, including the frequency of safety warnings.

The complaint seeks an award of damages to plaintiffs and other members of the class action and an order to prevent Tesla from continuing to sell the defective vehicle without disclosing its existence.

We asked Tesla for a statement.

Automakers are familiar with courts and breakdown reports.This week alone, Tesla took a hit Proposed pair of class action lawsuits about alleged monopoly of repair work on the vehicle while the owner is reportedly claiming it can be repaired Unlock someone else’s Tesla.

Last week, a Tesla driver Fully detachable handle Fall accidents from the steering wheel while driving have occurred frequently. Tesla autopilot software not working properly. ®

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