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Tear down trade barriers with Europe, Davey says

UK Need to “tear down” trade barriers with Europe Liberal Democrat leader sir if economy thrives again Ed Davey I want to warn you

In his keynote speech at the Communist Party’s spring conference in York on Sunday, Sir Ed will say Boris Johnson’s ‘failed’ Brexit deal is a disaster for British business.

He would argue that we need a much more ambitious agenda than Rishi Sunak’s goal of “mere economic survival”.

His attacks have been blamed on lawmakers this week with Sunak. Brussels On post-Brexit trade deals in Northern Ireland.

I don’t need to tell you what a disaster the Conservatives’ failed deal with Europe has been for our country.

Sir Ed Davey

Ministers hope the Windsor Framework will pave the way for better relations with the EU after recent turmoil.

But Sir Ed will say a more radical approach is needed if the UK is to enjoy a “strong and sustainable” economy.

According to an earlier excerpt of his speech, he said, “If we want to revitalize our economy, we must mend our broken ties with Europe.

“I don’t need to tell you how devastating the Conservatives’ failed deal with Europe has been for our country.

“That’s why we campaigned against it. When Boris Johnson put the horrible deal in parliament, even Labor backed it, the Liberal Democrats single-handedly voted against it.” .

“That’s why the Liberal Democrats are now the only ones with a real plan to fix UK trade, tearing down Conservative trade barriers, dismantling bureaucracy, and building trust and confidence with our European neighbors. It’s about rebuilding the bonds of friendship.”

Sir Ed also denounces the government’s “anti-refugee bill” and emphasizes his party’s reputation as a “proud internationalist”.

He also plans to attack Mr Sunak’s decision when he was prime minister to abandon a commitment originally proposed by the Conservative Party.LDP Union – Allocate 0.7% of national income to international aid.

“Our 0.7% commitment survived three Conservative prime ministers. How cruel, unproductive and unpatriotic,” he would say.

“Liberal Democrats, we are putting Britain back where it belongs. Everywhere in the world, we are leading the fight against poverty, hunger and disease.”

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