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Taxpayers still fund Pincher and Webb’s extravagant phone bills and workers’ Apple fanboys

The latest update of parliamentarians’ expenses covering October and November 2022 was published yesterday, and Guido continues to examine the data and inform the co-conspirators of the excesses of their elected representatives.

Despite being convicted of harassment and government sexual misconduct allegations, Claudia Webb and Chris Pincher are still doing okay for themselves. I’m here. For Pincher, this equates to £66 a month, while Webbe charges a whopping £117 a month.It doesn’t take a genius to guess why they’re taking so many branches – Claudia used to Displayed Her high-end iPhone among Commons fakes. To put their waste into context, spendthrift Jeremy Corbyn, who also spends on phone bills, claims £6 in two weeks.

Without the purchase of fancy technology, there would be no renewal of expenses. Ranil Jayawardena spent his £1,998 on mobile phones. This exceeds the cost of the iPhone 14 Pro Max with maximum specifications.Does he understand that to cut taxes he must cut spending? Former Apple computer salesman Fabian Hamilton is even more spoiled by Apple’s exuberance.After Guido Before Having revealed that he spent £3,177 on an iPad, iPad Mini, MacBook Air and another 13.3-inch MacBook Air, he added the new iPhone 14 Pro Max to the list. The price is £1,307 for him. In addition, Fabian also incurred his four phone bill payments in October and November. giving Angela Running for her money…

Guido spends £12.50 a month on his mobile phone with unlimited texts, calls, data and international roaming. There must be some kind of cap on what MPs can claim. If you want a fancy Kim Kardashian-style device, you’ll pay the difference.

MPs are also comfortable traveling abroad, with some of the top destinations this winter being Iceland, Rome and Berlin, and they weren’t exactly frugal about hotel stays. Some of the expenses were extravagant Palazzo Cardinal CesiEddie Hughes, and boutiques cover costs Arthouse Hotel, frequently visited by Martin Docherty-Hughes. Perhaps the worst travel expense is due to SNP MP Phillipa Whitford. In addition to the £550 hotel bill, the MP spent a whopping £1,405 on a single flight to Berlin…

Not content with just enjoying the taxpayer-funded Jolie, Phillipa complained on Twitter. It’s obviously about Brexit.

A small thank you is essential…

Co-conspirators can search for MP costs gentleman

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