Tamar Braxton and Jeremy Robinson engaged, now his ex accuses Braxton of ‘drama and chaos’

Tamar Braxton Became fiancee!The singer is officially engaged to a lawyer Jeremy ‘JR’ RobinsonUnfortunately, at least one of Jeremy’s ex-girlfriends and the mother of four of his children aren’t happy with the engagement news.

couple first sparked dating rumors August after jumping out hand in hand for his 46th birthday celebration.

entertainment tonight confirmed the engagement news, adding that the pair are in the “planning stages.” Robinson reportedly proposed to Braxton in the final moments of the reality show’s season finale. Queen’s Courtto score the singer.

“I don’t want to be your friend. I want to be your husband. I’ll be here forever because I can’t see my life without you,” Jeremy told Braxton. I love you, Tamar.Will you marry me, Tamar?”

Tamar Braxton says Jeremy’s kids mean ‘everything’ to her, his ex disagrees

Today she is celebrating her birthday and thanked the man on Instagram. “Who will enter [a] cheap smile on her face. In the post, she also tackled stories about blended families.

Braxton wrote:

“It took me a while to realize that this wholesome, traditional love was what I wanted and needed. He has a baby mama of 4 and he misses me!! Thank god we are blessed and no drama my best friend life Thank God for the happiest birthday ever to my partner and fiancé @rarebreednola.”

After Tamar’s post started going viral, Annaston JenniJeremy’s ex and co-parents gave a long round of applause for Tamar’s “blessed and drama-free” claims. He said he had

Annaston wrote:

“I sat in silence while this person entered my son’s life, causing chaos and unnecessary drama. Let me be clear to everyone who knows me, and everyone who knows them, this woman is not a bonus or stepmother to my son. son doesn’t mean ‘everything’ to her and she doesn’t thank God for me. She said insulting, disrespectful and outrageous things about how I chose to co-parent her son’s father and the efforts I made to keep him involved. .

The original added that Tamar never tried to get to know her “as a woman or a mother”. “To miss visiting weekends and birthdays.”

of her captionAnnaston said she was never a “bitter baby mama” or an opportunist.

“But those who know me, both on social media and in real life, know I’ve never done anything like that. I work hard for everything I have.” I have been working but nothing my son’s father gave me. I have supported him while he lived life to the fullest. I will not benefit financially or socially from the publication of this.I do not want or want to be famous,” wrote Jenni there is

Tamar and Jeremy have not responded to her allegations. Congratulations on your engagement!

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