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Suela Braverman plans to deport migrants to Rwanda by summer

Suela Braverman planning to deport immigrants Rwanda By summer, Kigali’s government will be “ready to absorb thousands of people coming from the UK,” he said.

“We’re certainly working to get the flights off the ground before the summer,” a Home Office source said, adding that the home secretary acknowledged that the schedule would depend on the situation. pending legal battle.

Brabberman made his first visit to the Central African country as home secretary on Saturday, visiting a facility under construction to house people deported from Britain.

Braverman shakes hands with Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Virta in Kigali


Speaking to reporters in the capital, she said she would wait for an appeals court hearing on policy next month before deciding whether flights could depart by the summer.

the government expanded the pact Work with Rwanda to include everyone entering the UK illegally, not just asylum seekers.

The additions to the agreement will be implemented to ensure that illegal immigrants are detained and promptly removed. illegal immigration billregardless of the claims they bring, whether it is exile, human rights or modern-day slavery.

So far, no migrants have been transferred into the country since Braverman’s predecessor, Priti Patel, signed the deal last April, and from countries such as Iran, Iraq and Syria. Some people in the are objecting to plans to send them there.

A Braverman inspects a construction site for immigrant housing on the outskirts of Kigali


“I think Rwanda is clearly ready,” Braverman said after Saturday’s tour of potential housing facilities.

Immigrants arriving from the UK will be housed in hostels and hotels for short periods before moving to long-term housing arrangements with gardens, off-street parking and fiber optic broadband capacity.

Asked whether the immigration deal affected his ability to criticize the UK on other issues such as human rights, Braverman said there was “a serious misunderstanding about Rwanda in the UK” and that Rwanda was “a forward-looking country.” dynamic economy,” he said. safe country.

Rwandan government spokesman Yolande Makolo told reporters, “We don’t see it as a punishment to live in Rwanda,” adding that the African country signed the agreement “for good reasons.”

Braverman visits new home with Rwandan Minister Claudette Ilele


She said: “We are ready to absorb thousands of people coming from the UK during this partnership. We are determined to make this a success.”

The Minister of the Interior will meet with the President Paul Kagame to discuss the deal after meeting his Rwandan counterpart Vincent Virta on Saturday.

legal issues It is expected to oppose the government bill, raising practical questions about where people can be sent when only deals with Albania and Rwanda are concluded.

Braverman said her visit showed her Rwanda was ‘ready’


Ms Braverman said the Ministry of Home Affairs believes Rwanda has the necessary capabilities, but that “we are always in constructive dialogue with many countries around the world.”

In response to criticism, she said: “Our plan complies with international law. European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) It complies with the Refugee Convention. But she has repeatedly threatened to remove the UK from the ECHR if necessary.

The visit was made as 209 people were confirmed infected crossed the strait in a small boat on Friday, five days after the reported crossing.

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