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Statue of President Macron goes up in flames as protesters chanting ‘I beheaded Louis XVI’

Crowds of angry protesters gathered at Paris’ Place de la Concorde on Friday and chanted: “We have beheaded Louis XVI. Macron We can do it again! ” French president. Right-wing and left-wing lawmakers have submitted a no-confidence motion to be voted on Monday, a day after Prime Minister Elizabeth Vaughn exercised a special constitutional power to avoid a chaotic vote in the House of Commons.

On Place de la Concorde, a celebratory protest of thousands with chants, dancing and giant bonfires degenerated into the echo scene of the previous night.

After the troublemakers, armed with timber, scaled the scaffolding at the renovation site, riot police charged in and threw tear gas to empty the huge square across from the National Assembly.

They threw fireworks and paving stones at the police at the standoff.

On Thursday night, a small group set fire to the streets in a nearby chic neighborhood after security forces charged and used water cannons to evacuate the area. French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin told radio station RTL that 310 people had been arrested overnight, most of them in Paris.

Mostly small and scattered protests took place in cities across France, from marches in Bordeaux to rallies in Toulouse. Calais port officials temporarily stopped ferries from crossing the English Channel to Dover.

Several university campuses in Paris were put on lockdown, and protesters occupied a busy ring road around the French capital.

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Garbage collectors in Paris have extended their strike for 12 days, and stinking piles of garbage continue to grow in the French capital every day. The sanitation workers’ strike continues to block Europe’s largest incinerator and his two other incinerators that deal with garbage in Paris.

Some of the yellow-vest activists who staged ferocious protests against economic policies during Macron’s first term in office broadcast Friday’s protests in Paris on social media. According to police, the “radicalized yellow vest” is one of the protest march’s troublemakers.

Trade unions, which make up the opposition party, urged demonstrators to keep the peace during further strikes and marches.

They called on people to leave schools, factories, refineries and other jobs, and forced Macron to follow his plan to make the French work two more years until they were 64 before they received their full pension. abandoned it.

Taking a calculated risk, Macron ordered Bourne to invoke a special constitutional power she had used ten times before without provoking such an outburst of anger.

If the no-confidence vote fails, the bill becomes law. A majority vote would end the retirement reform plan and force the government to resign, but Macron could always reappoint Mr Born to nominate a new cabinet.

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