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St Patrick’s Day 2023: Quotes, Jokes, Instagram Captions & Sayings

st. Patrick’s day is here! (Photo: Getty Images)

It’s time to dress yourself in greenery and open a glass or two of Guinness. st patrick’s day 2023!

St Patrick’s Day is a day to honor Ireland’s patron saint, Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick was instrumental in the conversion of Ireland from paganism to Christianity.

generally, occasion is celebrated various countries around the world parades, parties, music festivals.

Whether you’re kissing the Blarney Stone or looking for a four-leaf clover, we’ve rounded up some jokes, puns, and more to help you celebrate the day.

funny st patrick’s day jokes

The Irish are known for their witty storytelling and jokes, often featuring a character called Paddy. Here are some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day jokes.

What does the Leprechaun keep outside his house? His Paddy-o furniture.

Making “paddy fields” and “leprechauns” the same joke (Photo: Getty)

Billy stops Paddy in Dublin and asks for the quickest route to Cork.
Paddy says: “Are you on foot or by car?”
Billy replies, “In the car.”
“Yeah, that’s the quickest way,” Paddy says.

Liam had left Dublin to go skydiving in Belfast.
Late Sunday evening he was found in a tree by a farmer.
‘what happened? ‘ said the farmer.
Liam explained that the parachute did not open.
“Yes,” said the farmer. “If I had asked the locals before I jumped off, they would have told me that nothing is open here on Sundays.”

The bartender tells Paddy, “Your glass is empty. Would you like another glass?”
Paddy looked around confused and said, “Why do you need two empty glasses?”

best st patrick’s day instagram captions

Celebrate at home with an exclusive St. Patrick’s event…or enjoy a Guinness (Photo: Getty)
  • Ready for shamrock & roll.
  • Irish You were here…
  • They think it’s all clover – it’s now.
  • I’m not Irish, but coffee is Irish.
  • Reached a pint of no return.
  • The rice field doesn’t start until I enter.
  • Given zero luck.

saint patrick’s day quotes and sayings

st. St. Patrick’s Day is an enchanting time — the day when winter dreams begin to turn into summer magic. – Adrian Cook

“May the roof above us never fall, and may the friends who fathered under it never fall. – Blessings of Ireland

“You can choose an Irishman, but you can’t take the Irishness out of him.” – Tyson Fury

“May your days be happy from the beginning, and may you always have good luck and songs in your heart.” – Irish Blessings

“May your blessings be more than the growing shamrock. Wherever I go I may have trouble avoiding you.” – Irish Blessing

“March 17th the whole world speaks Irish!” – Thomas Augustine Daily

“Being Irish is part of who I am. I take it everywhere. – Colin Farrell

“Ireland is a land of poets and legends, dreamers and rebels.” – Nora Roberts

Or you can say a prayer on St. Patrick’s Day (Photo: Getty)

saint patrick’s day prayer

“May the way rise to meet you.
May the tailwind always blow.
May the sun warm your face.
the rain softly falls on your field
And until the day we meet again
May God put you in the palm of your hand.”

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