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Southampton vs Tottenham Hotspur LIVE: Premier League updates

(Action image via Reuters)

Follow the live broadcast as Southampton face tottenham hotspur in the Premier League today.

The Saints remain bottom of the table despite their increased performance level under Ruben Seles. A previous loss means they’re still two points away from safety, but the bottom is so tight that they could move up to 16th with a win.

As for Spurs, despite an uneven performance, they have won three of their last four, which puts them one point ahead of Newcastle, who were victorious on Friday night. Antonio Conte has been under pressure for a pretty bad season overall, but securing a top-four finish is still the goal.

We bring you all the action and updates for today’s game in our live blog below.


Southampton vs Tottenham Hotspur

Kane tries to split the defense with a sharp pass from Kulusevski, but the captain overhits his attempt and rolls comfortably at Baznu’s feet.


Southampton vs Tottenham Hotspur

Ward-Prowse plagued the goalkeeper with a weak left-footed shot from 20 yards out of Forster’s goal.


Southampton vs Tottenham Hotspur


Southampton vs Tottenham Hotspur

Play is paused for Verakochup, who appears to have picked up a knock on his shoulder after his duel with Davis. Medical staff have been making slings from the centre-back’s kit on the pitch, and the injury appears to be a possible dislocation.


Southampton vs Tottenham Hotspur

Subsidiaries Amer Bela-Kochup Mohamed Salis Abdul Karim


Southampton vs Tottenham Hotspur

So close! Elyouunossi puts a pass down the flank of Perrault, who quickly places the ball in the penalty spot with a low cross into the center. Initially scrambled, Ward-Prowse loosely grabs his ball and fires a shot through the crowd. Adams deflects it greatly from close range!


Southampton vs Tottenham Hotspur


Southampton vs Tottenham Hotspur

Understudy Richarlison de Andrade Dejan Kulusevski


Southampton vs Tottenham Hotspur

Polo floats a nice cross from deep on the right flank toward the far post, but Son smashes a left-footed attempt and crosses harmlessly across the front of the goal.


Southampton vs Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham kick off the game!

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