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Sleep tourism: when great nightlife means a good night’s sleep

I need sleep. travel. (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

From sleep apps and weighted blankets, white noise And eye masks, we’ll do almost anything to make it elusive great night sleep.

And now vacationers devote all their important annual vacations to closing their eyes with dignity.

according to trip advisor, so-called “sleep tourism” is expected to be a major travel trend in 2023. According to the site’s survey, more than half (51%) of travelers worldwide said relaxation was the main purpose of their upcoming trips this spring, and hotels are catching on. upon.

Pillow menus are now standard, and calming teas are expected.

Getting more sleep used to be a by-product of vacationing, but now it’s the bottom line.

why shift? Today is World Sleep Day and it’s time we care more about sleep than ever before.

Need to run away to sleep? (Credit: Getty Images)

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought – among other things – increased insomnia, or “Coronasomnia”. A study conducted by the University of Southampton in August 2020 found that Increased number of people with insomnia From 1 in 6 to 1 in 4 during the pandemic.

Experts say this increase in mass insomnia is due to the fact that more people are experiencing stress and anxiety due to the extremely difficult circumstances we suddenly find ourselves living in. Thing.

However, as the third anniversary approached, first lockdown, we are still struggling. The recommended sleep time for adults is 7-9 hours, A BBC Panorama survey of 207,000 participants found that they averaged just 6 hours and 48 minutes of sleep..

Nearly half (44%) described themselves as having trouble falling asleep. This means that she is having trouble falling asleep or re-sleep, feeling unrefreshed, or her day is being affected by poor quality sleep.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the hospitality industry has set out to come up with a solution for sleep-deprived travelers.

travel expert, Aurel Gross, told You may have heard the phrase, “I need a vacation from a vacation.” After the trip, you will be more tired than when you left.

But Aurel says times are changing. “For example, we have seen clients shift from party holidays in Ibiza to trips focused on wellness and relaxation.

“There are now many hotels offering services to help their guests seek better sleep, such as pillow and mattress menus, options to choose the quality of sheets, and custom scents to induce sleep.

The ‘cocoon’ of the Zedwell Hotel is soundproof (Photo: Zedwell)

The hotel also provides guests with health supplements and offers sleep meditation and breathing classes to help guests fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

“Some hotels have technology to help their guests wake up. For example, blinds that open automatically at a time of your choosing to wake you up to natural light, white noise, rain, birds, and other sounds.

Here in the UK, when the Zedwell Hotel in London opened in early 2020, it was one of the first hotels to put sleep at the heart of the guest experience. Electronic devices, such as televisions, to avoid distractions.

Cadogan has a sleep concierge (Photo: Cadogan Belmont)

Another hotel in the capital offers what seems like just a few steps to tucking guests into bed at night.

Harley Street hypnotherapist and sleep expert, Marminder Gillhas partnered with London’s Cadogan Hotel to create Sleep Concierge. She was inspired to curate this experience after noticing an increasing number of clients coming to her with sleep problems.

Malminder says:

“Their lives were suddenly taking place in just a few rooms and it was affecting their sleep.”

Malminder offers in-room hypnotherapy sessions (Photo: Malminder Gill)

Malminder approached Cadogan with the idea of ​​combining her hypnotherapy techniques to create an environment designed to optimize sleep.

She says: “Sleep is often disturbed on the first night in a hotel due to the unfamiliar surroundings.

“But the Sleep Concierge includes specially formulated bedtime teas, pillow menus for different sleeping positions, weighted blankets and scented pillow mists.”

Importantly, a recording of Marminder’s hypnotherapy is also included, though some guests can even be in the room with her.

she said: It lasts about 90 minutes and we try to get to the route that is causing their difficulties.

Having a sleep coach in your room may seem like a daunting task, but it’s becoming fashionable.

The bed at Villa La Pereza is said to be the same model as the one once owned by Christian Ronaldo (Photo: Puente Romano)
Puente Romano beach seems like a good place to dose us (Photo: Puente Romano)

At Puente Romano, a resort on Spain’s Costa del Sol, guests staying in the exclusive Villa La Peresa can receive a consultation from a professional sleep coach. They also sleep on a “sleep system” – Bed-like furniture rumored to belong to Cristiano Ronaldo with a £33,000 price tag.

Common mattress replacements include a base that can be adjusted to suit individual guest back ergonomics. Made from 100% natural materials and surrounded by graphite and silver mesh, it seems to help keep the body away from electromagnetic pollution from mobile phones, computers, etc.

In Switzerland, the Beau Rivage Hotel in Geneva takes it a step further. Their two-day sleep retreat capitalizes on Switzerland’s reputation for health and medicine by offering consultations with real-world doctors.

Guests at Beau Rivage can consult with a medical professional (Photo: Beau Rivage)

Depending on the package chosen, guests will undergo blood and urine analysis and have their sleep analyzed throughout the night by a polysomnography, which includes monitoring factors such as electroencephalograms, eye movements, and airflow.

If you’re not sure you need professional help, there are plenty of hotels that offer more modest options.

If you prefer to stay in Greece, ACRO Suites on Crete offers Sunday evening relaxation sessions incorporating yoga nidra, or conscious yoga sleep. We know this refers to a state of conscious sleep, where the body rests while the brain maintains consciousness. Increase time spent in deep sleep.

Yoga at ACRO Suites is designed to improve the quality of your sleep (Photo: Jim Kalligas)
The relaxing environment of ACRO Suites will also help (Photo: Nick Kontostavlakis, Anima Vision)

Alternatively, you can head to Mykonos. Kenshō Ornos Resort offers weary travelers minimalist Zen rooms designed with earthy tones and woods, said to create the perfect atmosphere for rest.

The location also features a cave spa and starlight pool designed for guests to relax before falling into a deep sleep.

Kensho Ornos’ earthy tones are said to help guests drift off (Photo: Kensho Ornos)

Further afield, Long Beach Resort in Mauritius offers a variety of ‘sleep experiences’ scattered throughout the hotel, designed for guests to lie down, listen to the waves and drift away.

Experiences include cozy ocean cribs and beachside pods. Both are great for a midday snooze.

Long Beach guests can take a nap while strolling around the hotel (Photo: Jean-Bernard Adoue Studio J)

Meanwhile, Novotel, which has a presence in over 60 countries, has partnered with the Calm app to give guests exclusive access to meditations and sleep stories.

But does getting the rest you need on holidays translate into the real world? Malminder believes so. “Getting away from everything is a good time to spend time working out what’s affecting your sleep,” she says.

Perhaps it’s related to anxiety, stress, an unbalanced diet, or your story of being “sleep-deprived.”

“Whatever it is, if you can identify the problem, in my experience, when guests check out, the results tend to last.”

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