shout!Studio Acquires John Lennon’s NA Rights to ‘Revival 69’

Exclusive: shout!studio Acquired North American rights to music documentary Revival69 The concert that shook the worldabout the historic event called “the second most important event in the history of rock and roll”.

Ron Chapman The film had its US premiere this week at SXSW in Austin, Texas, playing in the festival’s 24 Beats Per Second section. According to the film’s description, the documentary is “a little-known but remarkable behind-the-scenes tale of how a life-changing music festival came together – against all odds”. Promoter Jon Blower risked his life (literally) to turn the failed Toronto Rock and Roll Revival into a one-day event… The festival hosted rock legends such as Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. , Bo Diddley, Gene Vincent and The Doors, but it was the band that ignited the moment that truly mattered to 20,000 fans at Toronto’s Varsity Stadium. It was the eleventh hour arrival of John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band.”

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The film draws on rare behind-the-scenes material and previously unreleased concert footage shot by Verite/Direct Cinema legend DA Pennebaker, who directed the groundbreaking Monterey Pop documentary.

of Revival 69 The acquisition announcement was made by Jordan Fields, Senior Vice President of Acquisitions and Originals, who negotiated the Shout deal. A studio prior to SXSW. Myriad is the producer and responsible for worldwide sales of Screen Siren Pictures. Kirk D’Amico, president of Myriad Pictures, is the film’s executive producer.

Fields said in a statement, “With an improbable backstory, an incredible line-up and indelible DA Pennebaker footage, Ron’s incredible film joins an elite group of unforgettable music documentaries and a pop tribute.” Telling a great story while preserving a pivotal moment in cultural history: “Shout is deeply rooted in the music business, so this was a great deal.”

D’Amico said: Factory to show U.S. audiences the fascinating and little-known stories of amazing concerts held in 1969, featuring rock and roll legends and the greatest talents of the time. Ron Chapman and the producers put together some great footage and got some great interviews to tell the story of this historic concert. ”

John Lennon in Revival69

John Lennon in Revival69

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Among these interviews are Alice Cooper, Robbie Kreiger (The Doors), Alan White (Yes), Geddy Lee (Rush), Danny Seraphine (Chicago), Klaus Voormann (Manfred Mann) , The Beatles) have a fresh conversation. “This documentary immerses us in the whirlwind chaos leading up to the festival – biker gangs, cancellation threats, band rehearsals on the fly, and Lennon throwing off his Beatles mantle as he tensely takes the stage with Yoko.” The inexplicable fortune of standing in. Ono, Eric Clapton, Klaus Voormann, and Alan White – the unforgettable event that prompted Lennon to make the decision to leave The Beatles forever.”

Chapman’s previous credits include Who The F**K Is Arthur Fogeland poet of havanaabout Cuban musician Carlos Barrera.

shout! Studios is Shout!’s film entertainment production and distribution division. A factory specializing in general distribution such as theater, VOD, digital, DVD/Blu-ray, and broadcasting. “Scream! Studios works with creators at the forefront of pop culture to drive creative expression and diversity in independent storytelling,” the company said. “Scream! Studios finances, produces, acquires and distributes films of all kinds, award-winning animated productions, and specialty films and series by up-and-coming talented filmmakers and producers.”

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