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Shocking moment thug victim of glass and brawl with bats in the middle of the street

This is a shocking moment when thugs cover their victims in glasses and scuffle with baseball bats in the middle of a residential area.

Sinead Fennec, 28, Kyle O’Callaghan, 27, and Jordan Hull, 26, caused “scenes of violence.” Cardiff Last March 23rd, they attended Zoe Hall and her family’s home.


The thugs started a fight in the streetCredit: Media Wales
The trio threatened to kill Zoe Hall


The trio threatened to kill Zoe HallCredit: Media Wales
The riot broke out after Feneck threatened to call social services.


The riot broke out after Feneck threatened to call social services.Credit: Media Wales

They threatened to kill the woman after she said she was going to call social services.

Hall threatened to report Fennec to social services, leading to a confrontation between the two.

Sentencing hearings at Merthyr Tydfil Crown court I heard Fennec and Ms. Hall run into each other outside Slanramney’s shop. The defendant said, “If you drive me into community service, I’m going to kill you,” and threatened to throw glass bottles at her car.

She added: “Watch it in the next five minutes.”

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When Fennec, her partner O’Callaghan, and Hal visited Hall’s house in Llanlamney, a suburb of East Cardiff, her sister Zara Hall saw O’Callaghan wrecking her car.

She went out and started recording them.

Prosecutor Byron Broadstock said Adam Hall walked out but was confronted by O’Callaghan, who threw a punch at Zara Hall.

O’Callaghan then hit Adam Hall several times in the head with glass, cutting the back of his head.

Dressed in black and wearing a balaclava, Hal picked up a piece of wood from the floor and used it threateningly before chasing the members of the Hall family.

Fennec was described as shouting threats of violence and saying, “Come here. I want to fight you right now. I’ll rip your head off.”

The defendant then left the scene with O’Callaghan, causing further damage to Ms. Hall’s car.

The value of the damage done to the car was £1,293.

A video of the incident was leaked to court.

Fennec fox from Slanglamni. O’Callaghan, also from Slangramney. Hull, or Brynhulog of Pentwin, later pleaded guilty.

O’Callaghan also pleaded guilty to assault actual bodily harmassault by bludgeoning, and criminal damages.

O’Callaghan was also to be found guilty of possessing a knife on July 14. police from Tesco He was seen setting up shop in Cardiff and throwing machetes at the wall.

The court heard that O’Callaghan had a criminal record for bodily injury, criminal damage, and possession of a knife.

Fennec has previously been convicted of battery, assault with bludgeoning, and attempted criminal damage.

Hull has a criminal record for public order, criminal damages, knife possession, assault, theft, robbery, assault with bludgeoning, and assault.

As a mitigation, O’Callaghan’s agent, Derrick Gooden, said his client was in remorse and had been in custody for the six months he took courses and worked as a painter.

Feneck’s representative, Hashim Salmman, said probation recommended alternatives to custody.

Hull’s Hannah Friedman said her client was “sorry” for the fear and hurt he caused.

Since being remanded, he has fathered a son and has been unable to get physical therapy after breaking many bones in a fall.

Commenting on the ruling, Recorder Greg Bull KC said:

O’Callaghan was sentenced to a total of 21 months in prison.

Hull was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

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Feneck has received a 24-month community order.

She must also perform the 19 sessions and 20 days of rehabilitation activity requirements of the accredited program.

Sinead Fennec heard yelling threats of violence


Sinead Fennec heard yelling threats of violenceCredit: Media Wales
Jordan Hull, pictured, pleaded guilty along with other defendants


Jordan Hull, pictured, pleaded guilty along with other defendantsCredit: Media Wales
Kyle O'Callaghan, pictured, was sentenced to 21 months in prison


Kyle O’Callaghan, pictured, was sentenced to 21 months in prisonCredit: Media Wales

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