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Scotland vs Italy Live: Six Nations Update from Super Saturday

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Scotland Can secure 3rd place in 2023 Six Nations win if they secure bonus points Italy At home in Murrayfield this afternoon.

The Scottish Championship continues its dominance in the recent Calcutta Cup against England, then finishes a struggle with Wales and heads into its first week of rest with Grand Slam aspirations still alive. I started with high hopes.

Gregor Townsend He then saw his army suffer consecutive defeats to France and Ireland despite decent performances in both games. A win over Italy would send a solid Six Nations into a tough group at the World Cup, but a shocking loss would undermine much of the effort they’ve made so far.

The Azzurri showed many positive signs in the first three matches of this championship, but suffered a limping and frustrating defeat in a potentially-winning match against upset Wales, ending their Six Nations campaign. gave you only one more chance to save .

Follow the live coverage of the first game of Six Nations Super Saturday below.


try! Scotland 12-6 Italy (Blair Kinghorn try, 30′)

Scotland is finally here!

Midfield scrums leave Italy with all sorts of defensive hassles at the expense of their backs. Ben White picks the left flank and threatens a carry inside to hold his defender and find his partner at halfback. Blair Kinghorn stepped inside Alessandro Fusco to score his second for Scotland, slipping through a low tackle from Michele Ramaro. He knocks through conversion too.

Harry Latham CoyleMarch 18, 2023 13:05


Scotland 5-6 Italy, 29 minutes

Poor Simone Gesi has been playing 30 minutes of international rugby and his first major involvement comes with a 10-minute dismissal to allow for the introduction of Pietro Ceccarelli as Scotland called for another scrum. .

Harry Latham CoyleMarch 18, 2023 13:04


yellow card! Marco Riccioni is sent to the sin bin!Scotland 5-6 Italy, 29 minutes

It goes down again and Riccioni leaves. That’s very tough for the Italian tighthead, and it looked like the opposite scrum went down first as Xander Fegerson was about to turn in under pressure from Danilo Fischetti. Angus felt like his Gardner’s mind was already made up. The Australian referee Yellow retrieves his card and sends the Saracen prop into his 10-minute sit-down.

Harry Latham CoyleMarch 18, 2023 13:04


Scotland 5-6 Italy, 27 minutes

Marco Riccioni was pinged again. The Italian tighthead and his front row mates were summoned for a stern warning from Angus Gardner, and captain Michele Ramaro said a card might be coming.

Harry Latham CoyleMar 18, 2023 13:02


Scotland 5-6 Italy, 27 minutes

A Scottish scrum penalty for Italy pulling Angus Gardner’s whistle again and Scottish weight shift to shoulder too early.

Jamie Ritchie doesn’t like three. Down again for another engagement.

Harry Latham CoyleMar 18, 2023 13:01


Scotland 5-6 Italy, 26 minutes

Scotland re-builds phases 7, 8, 9 and still 5 meters shorter. Lorenzo Cannone led his ruck on the counter and the ball went into Italy’s hands, only to be knocked on for a bit.

Scotland will get another chance. They can do different magical moments like the opening score.

Harry Latham CoyleMarch 18, 2023 13:00


Scotland 5-6 Italy, 24 minutes

The scrum went down and referee Angus Gardner gave some instructions to both front rows to settle the matter. He demands better height on the reset.

Free kick to Scotland – too much weight from Italy. The host is a tap and go…

Harry Latham CoyleMarch 18, 2023 12:58


Scotland 5-6 Italy, 23 minutes

And Italy will survive again! Jamie Ritchie is brought up early but George Turner’s throw slows and the Scottish captain knocks on in the air.

It’s an extended period of opposition 22 without points for Scotland. From the home side, everything is a bit wasteful.

Harry Latham CoyleMarch 18, 2023 12:57


Scotland 5-6 Italy, 22 minutes

Edoardo Iacizzi will require an HIA after his head collided with Shermann’s knee. Niccolo Cannone joins his Italian pack along with his brother Lorenzo.

Harry Latham CoyleMarch 18, 2023 12:56


Scotland 5-6 Italy, 21 minutes

The Scottish maul stalled again, returning to a mighty wing threat. Duhan van der Merve he drew three Italian defenders but still proved difficult to stop.

Ben White will snipe within just a few inches. Pierre Schaemann is waiting for a befover…Dropped so the line can be seen!Schumann stood still for a moment when he paused to take his pass pop, making firm contact with the ball and knocking it over. I took it off.

Wait – TMO Brett Cronan thinks Edoardo Iachizzi doesn’t have his arms fully wrapped. Scotland penalized for no-arm tackle, Schumann suspended.

Harry Latham CoyleMarch 18, 2023 12:55

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