SAG-AFTRA says using AI to simulate actor performances requires negotiation

When producers use artificial intelligence to simulate an actor’s performance, they have to negotiate. SAG-AFTRA said in a statement Friday on the use of AI and digital doubling.

In a statement, the Guild said, “The terms regarding the right to digitally simulate performers to create new performances must be negotiated with the union.”

“These rights are mandatory subjects of negotiation under the National Labor Relations Act,” Guild says. “Companies should negotiate with SAG-AFTRA before attempting to obtain these rights in individual performer contracts. is a clear violation of the NLRA.”

WGA has bet a similar positionIn a pattern of demands for upcoming contract negotiations beginning Monday, the writers’ union aims to “regulate the use of materials created using artificial intelligence or similar technology.”

“Human creators are the foundation of the creative industry and we must ensure that they are respected and paid for their work,” says SAG-AFTRA. “Governments should not create new copyright or other intellectual property exemptions that would make creative works, or professional voices and likenesses, available to artificial intelligence developers without permission or compensation. Trust and transparency are critical to AI success.

“SAG-AFTRA continues to prioritize the protection of its member performers from the misuse of their voice, likeness and performance. We follow the latest developments in AI technology, its use in the entertainment and media industry, and the evolving legal landscape.Employers and performers can work together. As such, we will continue to negotiate and enforce provisions regarding these technologies and their use.”

The Guild also requires members to work under contract on projects filmed anywhere in the world. This includes entering into contracts with employers.As such, union members should not assign these rights to employers who have not entered into a basic minimum agreement with the union.”

SAG-AFTRA also urged members to contact the Guild if they believe their employer is asking them to waive their AI rights. “The union will investigate and take appropriate action to protect its members based on the specific circumstances,” the guild said.

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