SAG-AFTRA and Studios Reach Interim Settlement Over Unpaid Covid Testing Subsidies

SAG-AFTRA A tentative settlement was reached with the studio regarding unpaid payments COVID Exam fee. The scholarship in question is for his Covid test payment made on the day the performer was also paid for the fitting.

In a return-to-work agreement between companies and Hollywood’s labor unions, actors and background performers who go out of their homes to undergo Covid testing on days they are not working for producers are not otherwise paid on the day. yeah.

The return-to-work agreement states, “If any non-background actor employee or prospective employee goes out of their home to take a test on a day they are not working for a producer, they will receive a $250 stipend. Background Actors shall receive a $100 scholarship, which is subject to pension and health insurance premiums only if the Background Actor is ultimately hired by a Producer after testing days. ”

The controversy arose when “multiple production companies” reportedly failed to pay performers and background actors Covid-tested scholarships on test days, which would also be paid for costume fittings. SAG-AFTRA subsequently filed claims and demands for arbitration against both companies. These claims represent SAG-AFTRA’s challenge to the studio’s position that if a performer is paid a fitting fee on a given day, the studio is also not required to pay a Covid testing subsidy on that same day.

Under the interim settlement, the studio agreed to pay these scholarships in full for verified claims, but performers, including performers who had previously filed separate claims with the union, were not eligible for scholarships. The deadline for these submissions is April 14th and any claims made after that deadline will not be paid.

“On Friday, SAG-AFTRA sent a letter to performers regarding potential settlements with a number of Covid-testing producers regarding billing of try-on days,” the union said in a statement to Deadline. The letter set out the eligibility to receive payment and the steps required.As outlined in the letter, the deadline for performers to take action is April 14. SAG-AFTRA has no further comment at this time. there is no.

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