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Roy Hodgson in talks to return as Crystal Palace manager – report

Roy Hodgson reportedly in talks to return to crystal palace Following the dismissal of a successor Patrick Vieira.

Vieira will replace former England international Hodgson, now 75, in 2021, but the club is reportedly considering turning back the clock after losing faith in the Frenchman.

Palace declined to comment when contacted by the PA news agency.

Hodgson appeared ready to retire when he left Palace 18 months ago, but he accepted a firefighting duty at Watford last year in an unsuccessful attempt to keep the Hornets out of relegation.

He suggested at the time that his long and eventful career was coming to an end, saying: “I don’t think I’ll put my name out there anymore in the world of Premier League football for more stories. “But his determination is the final spell on his old springboard.”

Any deal may be short-term, perhaps until the current campaign ends.And soon, former club captain Paddy McCarthy will lead the team. arsenal On Sunday, with under-21 coaches backed by Darren Powell and goalkeeping coach Dean Keely.

Palace are in 12th place for the ninth straight week, but their most recent form has been unbeaten in 12 games in all competitions, scoring just five goals and just three points behind the relegation zone with 11 games remaining.

Hodgson’s candidacy appears to be progressing, but the likes of Jesse Marsh have been out of work since being fired from Leeds last month, with former Southampton bosses Ralph Hasenhuttle, Lucien Favre and Addie All hatters are linked.

palace chairman Steve Parrish He insisted that the atmosphere at the club remained optimistic even after Vieira’s departure.

Palace co-owner Parrish told Sky Sports: “The players are in good spirits and everyone is really looking forward to Sunday.

“It feels good. As you know, everyone loved Patrick dearly. The players were always in the world for him. You know from the performance that he never lost a player at all. I understand.

“I don’t think things were happening, so the mood was good and it was okay, but obviously I’m hoping there’s a little fresh stimulation, some different ideas. Maybe we’re doing something different.” You might surprise your opponents a little by doing something.

“We have a good player, a good team, a good player.

“Everyone is positive, they want to do their best and they believe they can win football games. Patrick is a great man and people love working with him. So I’m not going to say today is great because Patrick is gone.

“I’m sure he will continue to find success elsewhere, as he did last year, and he may learn a little bit where he’s lost his way, and I really hope he does.” It’s just soccer, right? ”

McCarthy took the team into training after news of Vieira’s departure broke, telling Palace TV:

“Obviously, it’s a big moment for me, but ultimately it’s not about me.

“At the moment my only focus is on getting the team ready for Arsenal and in the limited time we have and everything is geared towards that.

“I’ll put all that emotion away. Yes, it’s going to be a great opportunity for me and Darren to manage on that level, but the focus is just setting the game plan and executing it on Sunday.”

Palace now occupy the same place they finished last season, but the basic numbers look very different – ​​a total of 21 goals in 27 appearances this season, with Wolves, Everton and Southampton (20). fewer than any other Premier League team. And just half of last year’s tally of 37 at the same stage.

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