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Residents ‘live in fear’ after town was attacked by rats ‘as big as cats’

They worry about structural damage to the coastline from rodent tunnels (Photo: Nigel Iskander)

Residents of a seaside town popular with tourists say they are “living in terror” after being invaded by a new species of visitor, the “Monster Rats.”

Locals in Tenby, southwest Wales, suspect rodents described as “as big as cats” are burrowing and destabilizing the cliffs along the picturesque coastline. I am worried.

Boatman Roger Miles said the problem has gotten worse in recent months, saying: “Evening, dusk, early morning, rats are everywhere.

“There are certain areas where parts of Castle Hill’s cliffs have eroded.”

Another resident, Derek Brown, told the BBC:

Female rats typically give birth 6 times a year with up to 12 pups.

They reach sexual maturity after 4-5 weeks. That means the two populations could grow exponentially in her one year he surges to 1,250.

Locals described the rodent as “as big as a cat” (Photo: Nigel Iskander)
They fear the cliff will be neutralized by the tunnel (Photo: Nigel Iskander)
Residents and city councilors have expressed concern (Photo: Nigel Iskander)
Boatman Roger Miles said the problem had gotten worse in recent months (Photo: Nigel Iskander)

The town’s mayor, Sam Skyrme-Blackhall, said the city council was “taking action” and helped deploy dozens of feeders to eradicate them.

However, one local told The Sun: If they come here, they will stay here.

Besides, they’re smart animals, so they’ll quickly learn that the bait doesn’t work.

Natalie Martin, 36, from Cardiff, told the newspaper that she and two friends had visited Tenby for a weekend getaway.

She said she enjoys traveling, but added, “I didn’t know there was a monster rat here.”

A Pembrokeshire Council spokesperson told the BBC: “We are aware of the rodent problem and the need for additional bait points and are working to address this concern.”

They said, “We are dealing with access to the cliff face with professional staff, which may allow us to have regular access in the future.”

One local resident said you can’t get rid of the rats faster than they can reproduce (Photo: Nigel Iskander)
Minimize control boxes along the coastline (Photo: Nigel Iskander)
The council urged people not to feed the birds or drop food (Photo: Nigel Iskander)

The council is urging people not to feed the birds or drop food.

Ms Skyrme-Blackhall told the Guardian: I think they are kind, but that doesn’t help solve the problem at all.

‘[Also] Because people are not responsible and don’t put their garbage in the right place, they are putting food waste in the common garbage and rats are finding it.

“We have a team that deals with issues like that, and they started using the baiting system they were using before. is being eradicated, yes there was a problem, but nothing on the volume there.

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