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Republicans slam DeSantis for calling war in Ukraine a ‘territorial dispute’

“If you allow Russia to invade,” said Sununu, “and if you walk over Ukraine, you are endangering the whole of Eastern Europe. You are endangering all your NATO allies out there. And when NATO allies are in danger, you risk having to put potential US forces on the ground, which no one wants to see and shouldn’t happen. .”

Sununu said sending $50 billion in aid to Ukraine would be a “deal” if it meant that there would be no need to send troops to fight wars in Europe.

“There are voices in our party who say they don’t see serious US interest in Ukraine. But I see it differently,” said former Vice President Mike Pence on ABC’s “This Week.” Told. Mr Pence said Mr DeSantis’ description of the war as a territorial issue was “wrong” and said the US should “provide tanks, missiles and aircraft that the Ukrainian military can use to fight Russia”. rice field.

“We are invading Russia again. [President Barack] President Obama and Crimea, just like in the presidency [George W.] Bush in Georgia. And we must face this moment with the power of America,” Pence said.

Taking a stand against Russia in Ukraine also sends a message to China. Mike Rounds (RS.D.) said:

While there are territories Russia occupies, “this is bigger than that for us.” , China could see it as a sign that it could make a similar move in Taiwan without facing US interference.

“[Xi] I’m curious to see how we react and if we can unite our allies. … whether NATO unites or it strengthens NATO. So it’s not just territory, it’s the bigger picture,” said Rounds.

The War in Ukraine Divided the Republican Party in the last few monthssome view it through a Cold War lens, while others suggest that the conflict is not as important to Americans as other issues. joined the latter camp.

“The United States has many vital national interests, while securing its borders, addressing readiness crises within the military, achieving energy security and independence, and ensuring the CCP’s economic, cultural and Ukrainian-Russian territorial issues are not one of them, such as checking military power,” he said in a statement to Fox News.

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