Reg FOSS Desk Test Drive: First Beta of Fedora 38 Drop

The Fedora Project has released a beta version of Fedora 38. leg I tried spinning it and it handles fine.

The beta version of Fedora 38 is gentlemanhit the “early target” in it schedule. As usual, change set, worth scrutinizing the full details of all the various subcomponents. I’ve tried the beta on both VirtualBox and bare metal and it’s working fine so far. Issue with Fedora 37 at the same stage.

I’ve already covered some of what’s included in this release, but I won’t repeat myself. Among the more visible changes are two new “spins”. One with Budgie and one with SwayAlso, earlier this month, Turns out some ‘legacy’ components weren’t dropped yetThe default Workstation edition comes with GNOME 44. Reached release candidate status with some welcome improvements.

Among other highlights, it comes with latest kernel 6.2(By the way, this is also Already used On Ubuntu 23.04, although not yet in beta stage, milestone It will be until the end of this month. )

GNOME 44 on Fedora 38 can be spruced up with Forge and Dash-to-Panel.

GNOME 44 on Fedora 38 can be spruced up with Forge and Dash-to-Panel.

Fedora 38 has Shiny new GCC 13 More than just a suite, even newer LLVM16, as in many other languages, as described in January. The latest Xfce 4.18.1 and KDE 5.27 are optional.if we guess Described the new release of KDE PlasmaFedora licorice New for KDE Initial setting Tools: Not needed here as Fedora already has it covered with its own tools.

There are some minor security improvements including SSH. host keywith a slightly stricter build flag (_FORTIFY_SOURCE go pious 2 To 3), and the Rust-based Sequoia PGP with the RPM tool.This release also use google universal Note Khmer and Thai fonts.

I’ve tried with both VirtualBox 6 and bare metal Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 what i saw recently. Both installed fine and included the drivers for the virtual display, so on X11 it resizes to fit the host window. On my Thinkpad, both Wayland and ran very smoothly. Since Fedora doesn’t have a convenient checkbox to enable fractional scaling, I used the following shell command:

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "['scale-monitor-framebuffer']"

This worked perfectly and after a reboot GNOME had a default scaling factor of 1.75. This is fine on the X1 Carbon, and the text and window contents are clear, but the extra amount on the screen is a welcome front of Display settings Pages were only served 100 percent, 200 percent, or 300 percent. When enabled, a dropdown menu will appear on the same page with a wide list of elements from 100% to 350% in 25% increments.

I also tried Budgie Desktop. This worked perfectly fine, but unfortunately it defaults to a traditional Windows-like layout. The Reg FOSS desk doesn’t handle GNOME’s window management very well yet. It sounds like it’s aimed at people who don’t really do window management.For us the better alternative is vending machine It’s a window management, so I installed it experimentally Forge Extension that brings Pop_OS! cosmicTiling the style to vanilla GNOME. Even with the release candidate version of GNOME it worked fine. dash to panelBoth worked fine on this pre-release desktop, and combined with fractional scaling, I was able to take advantage of the Thinkpad’s screen.

I was also impressed that Fedora 38 noticed and suggested 4+ firmware upgrades for the machine. I’m not scared unless it’s our own kit, so I’ll install it. It took nearly an hour, but it worked perfectly and the machine woke up from sleep noticeably faster.

Fedora’s installation program is still clunky, clunky, and one of the least liked in the Linux world, but it nevertheless pushes the beta onto machines with Windows 11 and three other distros without issue. and sharing is complete.existing /home and swap partitions.

Even in beta, Fedora 38 looks significantly better than Fedora 37 at this stage. We are heading towards a particularly good release. ®

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