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Racist bullying on The Apprentice – I complained, BBC let me down

The Apprentice nominee claims he was racistly bullied on the series this year.

shazia hussein,40 years old, BBC show final on thursday.


Shazia Hussein claims she was racist bullied during this year’s seriesCredit: BBC

She said her hell began after she came up with a giraffe called Yogita for a preschool cartoon on the theme of diversity and inclusion.

Some of her team had problems with the character’s name, feeling that the children couldn’t pronounce it.

shazia “I felt attacked because of that. I think it was racist.”

her team won the task, Yorkshire The businesswoman said, “I feel verbally abused by some candidates after the episode.

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“They (BBC) brought in a diversity specialist to talk to everyone, but I feel nothing has changed. .

“The more I ask to leave the house, the more I feel bullied and harassed. I feel like the BBC has let me down.”

shazia She said she had filed complaints against three candidates, but clarified that she had heard nothing more.

She believes she was fired after the fifth task “because it was easier to get me out of the situation.”

shazia — also suffered racist abuse from online trolls — concluded, “The BBC has a duty of care to me, and I believe it failed to do so.”

A spokesperson for Apprentice said, “Apprentice has a zero-tolerance policy against bullying and threatening behavior of any kind.

“As soon as Shazia raised her concerns, an investigation was conducted and she received direct support from senior members of the production team.

“Apprentices have a strict code of conduct and we take all complaints very seriously and investigate them if necessary.

“As a result, if action is required, we will do it.

“Throughout the process, there is always someone on hand to address any concerns, including five members of the production team who live in the house with the candidate during filming.

“If anyone wants to leave their home or process, candidates are free to do so at any time.

“Since the beginning of the process, Shazia, along with all other candidates, has been provided with extensive and ongoing support by the BBC and production companies in all aspects of welfare, including managing social media. Taking care of our candidates is our number one priority and the support we provide to candidates before, during and after the exam is paramount.”

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