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Putin was forced to change the law on conscripts as the army fell into disrepair

Vladimir Putin Scheduled to change Russian Conscription laws to enable more young people to go to war in their own countries UkraineAccording to the UK Ministry of Defense, Russian leaders have raised the current age requirement for conscripts from 18-27 to 21-21 in order to force more men with higher education to serve the country. I am considering changing the age to 30.

The Ministry of Defense said in its latest update: “Russian officials are likely preparing to promote broader military conscription to procure its military needs.

“On March 13, 2023, Russian parliamentarians introduced a bill to change the age group for conscription from the current 18-27 years to men aged 21-30. It is expected to come into force in January 2024.

Russia Since Soviet times, we have continued to carry out a twice-yearly call-up cycle of conscription. These are different from the exceptional “partial mobilization” of veterans that has been in place since September 2022.

Russia continues to officially ban conscription from operations in Ukraineperhaps at least hundreds of others, providing services after administrative chaos or being forced to sign contracts.

‗Many 18- to 21-year-old men now claim exemption from military service because of their higher education. , it is very likely that they are changing the age group to strengthen the number of their armed forces.

“What if Russia If we continue to hold back on sending conscripts to war, additional conscripts will free up more professional soldiers to fight. ”

Russian authorities have declared partial mobilization for war Ukraine Completed in late October.

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But some Russian lawyers and rights groups have pointed to Putin’s order, saying it will remain in effect until the president issues another order, officially ending mobilization and voiding previous documents. .

When reporters asked Putin if he would do so, the Russian leader promised to “consult with a lawyer.”

The Kremlin later confirmed that the order was still in force, but said that efforts to convene had been halted.

court on thursday Russia affirmed the rights of men mobilized to fight in Ukraine Because of his stated religious beliefs, he set a precedent for persuading more reluctant conscripts to quit military service in order to perform alternative forms of civil service.

The Leningrad District Court deemed Pavel Mushmansky’s drafting illegal and upheld the lower court’s ruling that he was entitled to fulfill his obligations in another way, says Alexander Mushmansky’s lawyer. Peredork said.

Putin ordered the army reserves to be called up in September. Officials said 300,000 people had been recruited as planned, but the mobilization also spurred resistance.

Tens of thousands of men fled the country, and some of those who remained ignored the subpoenas.

Others have challenged their enlistment in court, including by claiming the right to alternative services that involve taking paid work in state-owned agencies and organizations.

Those who choose alternative services often work in hospitals, nursing homes, or post offices.

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