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PSA: Unwashed sex toys can cause salmonella

I know you got the box, honestly sex toys It’s hidden behind the cupboard. The stigma against using toys during sex is slowly starting to fade, but we don’t want to put them on display for everyone to see. Being anonymous doesn’t have to be a dirty little secret .

Yes, sex toys are used to get dirty, but that doesn’t mean they have to get dirty become unclean. Sex toys can be a breeding ground for germs, viruses, dirt and dust. This is why it’s time to wash away the sex toys into the good old days.

condom Working with Dr. Deborah Lee, Dr. Fox Online Pharmacy We share why and how you should keep your sex toys clean.

“Hygiene is paramount when it comes to getting objects into the vagina and rectum. , can be spread through the use of sex toys.

It seems a little silly, but you should clean your toys after using them. Condom.co.uk. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting bacteria that you don’t want near your genitals. There are different ways to clean different types of toys, but here’s a step-by-step guide.

Take a picture of the sex toy’s instructions before you throw the box away

This isn’t sexy I know, but it’s important to prevent the life of the toy.

Check what kind of sex toys you have

Some people don’t know how to wash sex toys, especially vibrators, given that water destroys the vibrator’s mechanism. First, you should check if the vibrator is waterproof. You can find this out in your vibrator’s instructions, but if not, you can always Google your vibrator and find out more on its product page.

Products labeled as “waterproof” or “splashproof” are not completely waterproof, but their sole purpose is to get wet, so they can handle a small amount of water. ‘s “waterproof” vibrators can be washed with water longer.

How to care for each type of sex toy

As a basic toy care routine, remove all batteries before you start cleaning your vibrator.

If you have a “water-resistant” or “splash-proof” vibrator, you can use a damp, soapy washcloth to clean it. Soak a cloth with antibacterial soap in water, drain the tenugui, and rub it for 20 seconds.

Choose mild, unscented soaps to avoid disturbing the PH balance of your vagina and causing infections. Also, you should only use as much water as the tenugui can hold, so don’t put the vibrator under the faucet or submerge it completely.

Do not put sex toys in the dishwasher

If you need to clean your sex toy more, some people recommend putting it in the dishwasher, but don’t do it.

First, anything that contains electrical components will be ruined. Additionally, dishwashers can leave residue that was never meant to end up in the vagina, which can lead to infections. can be boiled for 1-3 minutes.

Always let sex toys air dry

After cleaning the sex toy, place it on a clean paper towel and let it air dry. This is the best way to prevent lint from sticking to the toy and causing potential infections and to ensure that all corners are thoroughly fried. Please keep it open.

Store sex toys in a clean bag

After cleaning the toy, it is important to store it properly to keep it clean between uses. Many sex toys come with a cloth pouch, case, or box, but if not, you should use a sealable pouch to prevent dust from accumulating.

Do not use for another 24 hours

Some studies have shown that even though sex toys are washed, the virus can still be on them for up to 24 hours after washing. With this in mind, be careful when using the toy and don’t let him use it for 24 hours after it’s last cleaned.

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