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Principal committed suicide while awaiting negative Offstead reports, sister says

Ruth Perry was the principal of Caversham Elementary School in Reading (Photo: Children’s bright future / BBC South Today)

According to her family, a principal committed suicide while waiting for Obstead’s report, leaving her school with the lowest possible rating.

Ruth Perry, 53, the principal of Caversham Elementary School in Reading, committed suicide in January after being told the school was being inappropriately downgraded from excellent.

Her younger sister, Julia Waters, said Perry had “the worst day of her life” after inspectors inspected the school on November 15 and 16 last year.

She told BBC South that an inspector said the boy was performing a flossing dance move from a video game. fortnitewas evidence of the sexual objectification of children at school.

The visit was “the worst day of her life,” said Ruth Perry’s sister (Photo: Brighter Futures)

Waters continued, “Ruth took her own life on January 8th, and every time I spoke to her in the process, she was talking about the countdown.

“I distinctly remember her saying ’52 more days’ one day. Every day was a heavy burden on my shoulders and I was not officially allowed to speak to my family.

“I remember the first time I met her, not just on the phone, but a few days after Offstead’s examination, she showed up. She was a complete shadow of her former self.” was.”

She said the exam destroyed 32 years of her career and “eaten her heart until she couldn’t take it anymore.”

There are ‘local concerns’ about how the tests were conducted (Photo: BBC South Today)

A report released this week found that the school did well in all categories except leadership and management and was rated unsatisfactory, the lowest rating.

The inspector general said school leaders did not have the “necessary knowledge to protect students from harm” and did not take “prompt and appropriate action” to ensure that protection was “effective.” He said he was not.

In response to the report, Caversham Elementary School said in a letter:

“Following Ruth’s heartbreaking death, we have continued her work to ensure schools are effective, safe and happy places for children to learn and achieve.”

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Matthew Purves, South East Regional Director for Obstead, said:

“Our thoughts are with Mrs Perry’s family, friends and everyone in the Caversham Elementary School community.”

Reading East Labor MP Matt Rodda said:

“It’s fair to say there are local concerns about the way the inspections were conducted.

“Also about how the Ofsted framework and other regulations affecting Ofsted work effectively, and the broader pressures on principals.”

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