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Prince Louis’ future as ‘double spare’ uncertain, expert says

prince william and KateWelsh prince and princess make ‘great efforts’ to learn from the past and not fail prince louis He will feel like a ‘lost soul’ when he grows up, royal commentators believe. Among young people, we believe that they are most at risk of suffering for status within the family.

Other royals before him, such as Princess Margaret prince harrywas influenced by growing up in the same golden cage and is in the public eye as a future sovereign, while not seeing a clear path like his brother and sister, Quinn said.

princess charlotte Also, while she may be considered a spare by the company, Quinn thinks she could play a supporting role for her brother, much like Princess Anne was King Charles.

Lewis, on the other hand, is a “double spare” with no clear future role at the moment, Quinn said.

Quinn told He will never become monarch, and very unlikely. “

But Mr Quinn believes that Buckingham Palace and especially the Welsh princes and princesses have learned lessons from the past, and that his next son will be a “lost soul” like any other spare before him. Be prepared to avoid feeling.

“The royal family is now very aware of the mistakes they made in the past, especially raising children, so I think they will go to great lengths to make sure Louis doesn’t feel like he’s lost. soul

“And I think it will be easier for Kate and William to make it happen, because the world has changed a lot since William and Harry were young.”

The fact that Kate was an outsider and was raised for everyday Britishness. prince william Quinn said other royal wives ahead of her will also have an advantage in terms of the support they can provide to Louis and his two other children.

While claiming that the Princess of Wales fits perfectly into the company despite being from another world, Quinn said, “Kate is a very restricted, very traditional and very introverted royal family. Because she isn’t from the United States, she’s in a position to do more.Make sure Louis has the kind of confidence that comes from the emotional connection you have with your real-life parents.

The authors argue that even Princess Diana, despite efforts to get her children acquainted with the real world outside the walls of the palace, was the same upbringing she herself received as a member of an important aristocratic family. He explained that he has partially adopted the

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“In previous generations, even Harry and William were cared for by paid staff who could quit at any time.”

“I grew up in a world and a tradition of hiring paid staff to look after children,” Diana added, adding that she hired someone to take care of her. prince william and prince harry as a result.

Kate and William also rely on a Norland College-trained nanny named Maria Teresa Turion Boraro to help with child care, but they try to be as close as possible to George, Charlotte and Louis’ daily lives and to run the school. known to be run yourself

They are reportedly set to leave on a tour to Pakistan in 2019 so they can get their kids out of school first, and in time for a Caribbean tour in 2022 to celebrate Mother’s Day. I’m back.

Mr Quinn concluded: The history of the royal family and how dysfunctional it is.”

The plight of the Royal Spare prince harry His memoir, published in January, contained many allegations and examples showing the rivalry between him and his brother.

In an interview with The Telegraph’s Bryony Gordon With the release of the book, Harry also mentioned her concerns about other spares.

“William and I have spoken once or twice and made it clear that his children are not my responsibility, but I still feel responsible. Of the three children, at least one People will” end up like me in a spare.

Tom Quinn’s Gilded Youthis published by Biteback and is available in hardcover for £15.

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