“Power Book II: Ghosts”: Mary J. Blige tells Monet’s grief in Season 3.Musical collaboration with Method Man again

Spoiler alert: The story below is based on Performerof Powerbook II: Ghost.

Powerbook II: Ghost It dropped the third season premiere on Friday, titled “Your Perception, Your Reality.” As expected, it’s filled with sadness and frustration following last season’s tragic events.

Monet (Mary J. Blige) is really suffering after his son Zeke (Daniel Bellomy) is murdered. She’s lost, and healing can begin when she avenges his death – an eye for an eye, when her husband Lorenzo (Berto Colon) accidentally misidentifies Zeke. The situation is very complicated because it was shot down.

Meanwhile, Monet’s grief engulfs him, so an internal struggle going on in his family also leads to a new villain named Norma (Caroline Chikezy) who is searching for who killed his fiancé Mecca (Daniel Sangiata). unaware that is in town. Just in case, Monet killed Zeke’s father, her former Mecca.

As Sieg’s father, Mecca’s estates were transferred to Monet, including a penthouse apartment, and she kept Kane (Woody McClain) and brother Drew (Ravelle Adams Grey) in temporary custody while she planned her next move. I was made to live in Shooting a flaming gun, Noma bursts into the penthouse, where she finds Dru, Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr..) and Brayden (Gianni Paolo) are happy to sell her products to keep her at bay. Kane and Drew tell her parents that Noma puts more emphasis on Monet.

Mary J. Blige Monet Tejada

“Look, I wanted to get out, but we’re still fucking here. Now get this shit,” she tells her son and husband before walking away.

Tariq, Brayden and Effie (Alix Lapri) must go back to selling drugs for Noma with Dru and expand it greatly. Brayden continues her act under the assumption that he killed Lauren (Paige Her Hurd), but in the final beat of tonight’s episode it is revealed that she is still alive. rice field. He couldn’t finish the job. Rich kids can be a lot of things, but he’s been tested many times and has definitely failed as a murderer that will make him bite his butt. They must be devastated when they find out that Lauren is alive and under the protection of Jenny Sullivan (Paton Ashbrook).

Speaking of Jenny, she comes face-to-face with the legendary Blanca Rodriguez (Monique Gabriela Curnen) and brings a gift for information. The duo compare notes and work together to bring her down the St. James family. Good luck, good luck, Blanka.

Zeke’s school held a memorial service for the late basketball star, but it was too much for his grieving mother to endure. She rushes out of the gym crying, finding a spot away from her prying eyes where Tariq found her. Unsure of whom to trust, Monet opens up to Tariq and admits he is the only one he can trust. She asks Tariq to help find Zeke’s killer, as her family has not yet come.

Berto Colon, Mary J. Blige, Lovell Adams Gray, Woody MacLaine

Deadline caught up with Mary J. Blige ahead of the show’s return to discuss what’s next for Monet this season.

Deadlines: Monet is going through a lot this season. What can she tease about where she is when we reunite with her?

Mary J. Blige: She’s definitely in mourning, she’s mourning her son, and she’s sad and pissed off at the fact that he was her exit strategy, and now he’s gone — someone from her Took it away. So she’s in a place where she needs answers and someone is going to pay and she doesn’t trust anyone. Everyone is a suspect. She doesn’t want anyone to see her like that, but she can’t help but feel sad for her baby.

Deadline: There’s a scene at Zeke’s school where Monet connects with and puts his trust in Tariq. Does that mean “the enemy you know is stronger than the enemy you don’t know”?

Happy: She doesn’t really trust Tariq, but she does trust Tariq to be Tariq, and even if she has to stab someone in the back, he’ll get her some answers. trusts him. He doesn’t really trust her either.

Deadline: Noma is new to town and looking for revenge for cornering Monet, Will there be a showdown?

Happy: [Laughs] Oh, definitely, but remember Monet is very smart. She’s a strategist, not a chopper. She’s trying to figure out where it’s coming from. She only intends to kill someone once she knows for sure who it is. Trying to find a way to put it in. Keep that in mind…

Deadline: How is the relationship between Monet and Whitman [Jeff Hephner] This season?

Happy: [Laughs] So many things I can’t even tell you… Whitman is a nosy guy who’s just barking up the wrong tree.He doesn’t want to mess with Monet.He shouldn’t do that is not. She is trying to warn him that she cannot give him any more.

Deadlines: Whitman has had nine lives like a cat, but his luck seems to have run out.

Happy: [Laughs]

Deadline: Nice to meet you Davis [Method Man] Navigate the world outside the courtroom and interact more with Monet. What can you make fun of about their deal?

Happy: Monet and Davis make a fun and interesting team because Davis always has information on Monet. [And on a personal note,] Just seeing my friends on set is fun and laughable. We’re always laughing about something when they yell “cut”.

Deadline: Can we ask for another collaboration between Mary J. Blige and Method Man? Maybe something for show?

Happy: Listen, as soon as they say yes, we’re going to go in and do it.

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