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Paid display ends!Parking machines will be scrapped as public property

Elderly and vulnerable people who do not have a smartphone or who have difficulty using a smartphone can pay for parking only if they download and use the designated app for parking. It is particularly hard hit. However, there are believed to be up to 30 different smartphone apps in operation across the country, requiring drivers to download various programs and navigate various regulations on a regular basis or face fines. There is a possibility that it will be

Besides creating a technical headache, drivers are forced to wait for another app to download onto their phone, which can delay their schedule.

London’s Bromley and Enfield boroughs will both stop using payment and display machines by April, while Brighton and Hove city councils plan to end the practice by 31 May.

Harrow in London, along with Westminster, have already removed all their machinery.

The reason for this shift is that cellular providers are turning off the 3G data networks that run parking meters. Bromley said it would cost him £1 million to update all his machines to 4G.

Dennis Reed, director of the over-60s campaign group Silver Voices, told the Daily Express: When they put these systems in place they are well aware that they are discriminating against older people. Many seniors don’t have smartphones, or if they do, they only use them for calling and texting. They don’t even know about apps, let alone download them.
“The answer is that many people simply drive and park elsewhere, such as on the road or on someone else’s street. We need alternatives.”

Age UK charity director Caroline Abrahams said the move would be “disastrous for those without smartphones” and could make older people more isolated.

She said: “If you are an elderly person who relies on a car to get around and there is no way to legally park near where you want to go, you may feel that there is little point in going there. not. “

One of the benefits of using smartphone apps is that users can often extend their stay without rushing back to their car.

However, there are a number of providers such as RingGo, JustPark, PayByPhone and Parkopedia, which usually require users to enter contact information and vehicle details. This takes much longer than simply inserting a coin or bank card into the machine. .

As with any online program, there is also the risk that scammers will take advantage of you. RingGo warns customers that her unauthorized website called APKPURE is promoting the app without permission and do not download the app via the APKPURE website as it may contain viruses. I urged users to

RingGo blamed the change on theft from the machine (where Westminster Council lost an estimated 25% of its revenue) as well as vandalism, maintenance and loss of 3G.

A joint initiative by the Ministry of Transport and local governments is being trialled to create a national parking platform that simplifies payments with a single app.

Dave Smith of the British Parking Association said parking operators should offer cash payments as well as digital payments and should not be fined if the system is not working.

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