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Outraged as Northern Ireland reveals no trophy hunting import ban applies

Outraged as MP-approved ban on trophy hunting imports does not apply to Northern Ireland, allowing Ulster to become a ‘back door’ to Britain

  • DUP MP upset Northern Ireland being exempt despite 86% of people across the UK supporting ban
  • Loophole means big-game hunters can fly body parts to Belfast before crossing the Irish Sea

Yesterday, lawmakers approved a law banning the importation of trophy hunting. Northern Ireland.

Experts have warned that the plan would actually have devastating effects on endangered animals.

And now DUP MPs argue that the bill is severely undermined by the fact that Ulster will be a ‘back door’ for big game hunters to bring their souvenirs into the UK.

it means they can dive belfast Simply in stocking up on body parts before crossing the Irish Sea. The loophole was made possible because Northern Ireland was left behind. european unionsingle market brexit.

The Hunting Trophy (Import Ban) Bill was introduced by Conservative MP Henry Smith. During the debate, DUP MP Sammy Wilson said: “It is offensive that a law supported by over 86% of the UK population cannot be applied in parts of the UK.

Photo: Cecil, one of Zimbabwe’s most famous lions, was reportedly shot dead by US hunter Walter Palmer. DUP MPs argue that the bill is severely undermined by the fact that Ulster will be a “back door” for big game hunters to bring souvenirs into the UK.

“It’s offensive to me, and it’s offensive to the millions of voters who have asked me to support this law.” I am concerned that it will have devastating effects on animals.

They, along with African leaders and grassroots groups, are calling for the UK to allow the importation of certain trophies if it can be proven that the animals were ethically hunted.

Income from selective hunting keeps local people employed and funds patrols against the real enemy of conservation: poachers. The plan would ban the importation of his 6,000 endangered species, including elephants, rhinos and leopards.

Environment Minister Trudy Harrison welcomed the bill, which is now under scrutiny in the Senate. “Cecile the lion didn’t die in vain,” she said of the 2015 shooting of a lion by an American dentist in Zimbabwe that sparked global outrage.

The Hunting Trophy Bill was introduced by Conservative MP Henry Smith.

The Hunting Trophy Bill was introduced by Conservative MP Henry Smith.

But Fellow Tory Lord Mancroft said, “When the bill was contested in the House of Commons, it was clear that it avoided any meaningful scientific scrutiny or expert challenge. I’m sure it’s not.

Professor Amy Dickman, a conservation expert at the University of Oxford, said: This bill will kill more animals than it saves.

Maxi Pia Louis, director of conservation group Nacso, said: “We are very disappointed that African voices are not being heard. would impoverish

“Imports into Northern Ireland will continue to be carefully scrutinized,” said a spokeswoman for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

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