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OPINION | Ron DeSantis Staff Fires Reporter For Work

As is often the case with personnel matters like this, Axios confirmed that Montgomery did not work there. pointer tom jones Axios reportedly won’t explain why.Were there extenuating circumstances behind Montgomery’s departure? If so, reports from pointer, washington post, Wrap, new york post, Creative Loafing Tampa Bay and fox news failed to reveal such evidence. For all we know, Montgomery is a threat to society and may require home detention and round-the-clock surveillance of her. But I don’t think so. Until a larger solution is obtained, we can proceed based on the following assumptions. very good reporter 1) Bumped for doing what reporters do every day. 2) for reporters to do their thing.

It’s easy to side with Montgomery in this controversy. Flack has never been in the truth-telling business. From the early days of his public relations career, Flack’s job was to bathe his clients in cool flattery. northern light and undermine those who oppose him. Call it advocacy, call it persuasion, call it spin, call it propaganda, but Flack’s main job is to frame his chosen facts into contexts that make his clients shine. Please ask any store clerk.

Most government press releases contain some amount of propaganda. Government press releases are designed to present information that furthers the political cause of government agencies. We rely on our reporters to poke holes in this flattery, provide additional reporting, and provide our readers with the full story deliberately omitted by government spokesmen. dumps a ton of manure into a press release and needs reporters to counter it when they expect the press to smother it. hot butter biscuitsPlease put your political and personal views on DEI and DeSantis aside for a moment. Read press release Montgomery tees off. Then decide for yourself whether the purpose was to honestly investigate the issue or to turn the press in the interest of a pre-determined agenda.

If Montgomery’s reaction to the press release sounds theatrical, be aware that the theatrical moves both ways in the war between mongooses and cobras. Government inaction often gives reporters the bluest, darkest clicks of their tongues when news stories come out that make them uncomfortable. It looks like a bow. When the goal is to find news, it’s no surprise that the relationship between sources and reporters is sometimes strained. The real worry is when sources and reporters get too cozy and the tough questions stop coming.

Now, as a matter of etiquette, and to maintain a working relationship that benefits readers, journalists should reinforce their sarcasm so as not to overreact when hackers distribute propaganda or non-newsworthy material. The key to rebuttals is not to put the problem “in place”, but to elicit valuable information for the reader. “The world would be a better place if more reporters responded to more politicians’ press releases with, ‘This is not news. Don’t waste my time with this bullshit.’ ,” said my former editor, Garrett M. Graff.

Can you convince more flak to wear body armor along these same lines? , had no revenge. I don’t know a flower PR person who is sensitive enough to be outraged if you call the office’s communiqué “propaganda.” Most people will smile and say, “That’s my job.” Did a Florida platoon need to turn this skirmish that took Montgomery’s job into a battle royale? It gave the Republican press-phobic base another chance to show off as they prepared to jump into the presidential race.

That said, there is no reason to bloat this skirmish into the Montgomery martyrdom. Nor is there evidence that he sought such a blessing. “I regret being short,” said Montgomery.“Axios’ style used smart brevity, but at a cost.”

As Axios co-founder, seasoned journalist and former big boss of mine here at POLITICO, Jim VandeHei, recently wrote in Axios, pushing back is an important part of journalism. Vandehey looks back on those days About ten years ago when things went wrong between POLITICO and Fox News’ Roger Ailes. As a POLITICO executive, VandeHei tried to calm things down, but nothing worked. Then, in 2013, POLITICO’s work called VandeHei to raise his Ailes anger and yell. VandeHei countered:

“Roger, please fuck yourself.”

Ailes continued screaming until he hung up.

VandeHei did the right thing that day. And he wasn’t fired for doing that.

Message to Flux: send flowers or email [email protected]Or I was fired for my impudence. We are not accepting new email alert subscriptions at this time.myself twitter Feed wears body armor.myself Mastodon and Post Account believes life is a Montessori school.myself RSS The bait floats like a mongoose and stings like a cobra.

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