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Oh we all make our duvets moldy

i change your bedIt’s not a difficult task. We know that sheets need to be changed once a week (yes, once a week). But did you know that if you store your bed sheets and bedding incorrectly, they can develop mold and a very musty smell?

Shocking, right? I can’t seem to get anything right. Don’t worry. happy bed Here are 7 essential tips for properly storing your bedding.

Be sure to wash bedding before storing

This seems like common sense, but the average person sweats between 500ml and 700ml each night, so it’s very important to wash your bedding covers, sheets, and pillowcases every time you take them out of bed. The amount of is further increased if the person suffers from night sweats or is going through menopause.

In any case, always wash your bed sheets in warm water at 60 degrees to wash away all sweat, dust and other dirt.

This Drying Hack Saves You Time Before Putting Your Bedding Into Storage

All bedding should be dried before putting away, as even the slightest amount of moisture can cause mold and mildew problems. The best way to dry your sheets is an outdoor clothesline. If that doesn’t work, try two methods.

Before adding half of the bed sheets to the ventilation rack, start by placing the ventilation rack next to the radiator, then plug the other half into the back of the radiator.

If you spread the sheet tightly, it will block the warm air and make it easier to dry. But before you do this, make sure the back of your radiator is clean so that it doesn’t get dirty.

Alternatively, bed sheets can be added to the curtain rail. This is even more efficient when the radiator is underneath.

do not store bedding in the bathroom

Many people believe that all linens, including bedding and towels, should be stored in the bathroom linen rack, but this is the worst thing you can do. If left for a period of time, mold or mildew may develop.

Do not store bedding in plastic containers

Mrs. Hinch and Mrs. Marie Kondo may have inspired the country to store everything in rattan baskets, plastic containers, etc., but they don’t like it because it releases a gas that seeps into bedding and causes yellow stains. Do not store bedding in plastic material. .

If you want to store your bedding in a box of some sort, make sure it’s made of fabric or wicker and doesn’t have a lid. No matter how dry your bedding looks and feels, it’s always dry. Storing in an airtight container can cause mold and mildew.

Fold the bedding inside the matching pillowcase to keep everything together.

Have you ever messed up your bedding storage system while looking for pillowcases that match the rest of your bedding set? It should be folded into the cover.

That way, not only will your sheets be protected from tarnishing, but you’ll be able to store matching bedding together, saving you even more time and frustration.

Add laundry beads to bedding storage

If you want your bedding to stay fresh longer, add scented beads in an open cup or mesh bag next to your bedding. Don’t forget to save.

Use coffee grounds to create a fragrant aroma

If you don’t want to use scented booster beads, you can use coffee as a deodorant. . You can tape a piece of paper over the cup and poke holes in the paper covering the cup to allow the smell to escape.

Remember to refresh your coffee regularly (monthly). please do not worry. You don’t have to use a lot of the finest coffee.

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