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Nicola Sturgeon’s husband resigns as SNP chief executive

SNPs CEO Peter Murrell resigned immediately. It came after reports suggesting members of the SNP’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) threatened a no-confidence vote against him.

Murrell has been grappling with a series of crises in recent weeks. This includes a SNP membership number line.

The party has refused to reveal exactly how many SNP members will vote in the election for Mr Murrell’s wife to step down as Scottish Prime Minister. Nicola Sturgeon.

However, SNP is a candidate for Kate Forbes and Ash Regan wrote a letter to Mr. Murrell About their doubts about how the leadership election process played out.

The numbers painted a dark picture. About 30,000 members left Over the past 18 months.

He added: “But I concluded that my future was in the way of my campaign and that I should resign now.

“The campaign is run by the Secretary of State and I am not involved at any point.”

Today’s announcement follows the resignation of SNP media chief Murray Foote, who resigned on Friday. in the middle of the column of party numbers.

Murrell has been party leader since 1999.

His statement continued, “I am extremely grateful for what has been achieved during my time as CEO and for the role I have played in ensuring the electoral success the party has enjoyed for nearly two decades. I’m proud of you.

“Winning 14 national elections is a testament to the skill of the dedicated and talented corporate team I have been privileged to lead.

“They gave their all to the party and the independence movement. I am grateful to them.

“I have worked for independence all my life and will continue to do so until it is achieved, albeit in a different capacity. And I firmly believe that independence is closer than ever. ing.

Foote said he dealt with the media with “serious problems” after speaking with party headquarters, and later determined that his role was “seriously impaired.”

of SNPs On Thursday, it was revealed that as of February 15 this year, it had 72,186 members, down from 103,884 in 2021.

This confirms a February Sunday Mail article that SNP had lost 30,000 members, a claim that Foote strongly denied at the time.

The Herald on Saturday reported that a senior NEC member said:

Scottish Conservative Party MSP Chairman Craig Hoy said: “Fish rot from the top down, and the same is true of SNP.

“Peter Murrell’s resignation has been long overdue, but there remain serious questions for him to answer. £600,000 ‘missing’ from parties’ accounts.

“The brutal and shambolic SNP leadership election appears to have been the turning point that forced the prime minister’s husband to resign before being pushed out.

“When two of the three candidates openly questioned the fairness of the election to elect Scotland’s prime minister, the party’s top spin doctor resigned after being lied to by party officials. , the game is over.”

Hui said Murrell could step down as CEO but would need to cooperate fully with investigations into how party leadership elections were conducted, as well as with police investigations into SNP’s finances. added.

The Scottish Conservative Party chairman said: “The ongoing SNP civil war is disastrous for the entire nation. ScotlandHow can a political party that cannot govern itself govern a country?

“The people’s true priorities are being ignored as the SNP turns inward, and that will not change whoever comes out of this carnage to become prime minister.”

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